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How to find out how many bits: 32 or 64


How to find out how many bits: 32 or 64</a>

Knowledge of the system architecture of the computer allowsFacilitate the work of updating the drivers for devices, and also helps to assess the performance of your PC and the level of support from the developer.



To find out how many bits: 32 or 64 for Windows 8, you need to lock the Windows key (with the logo of the company logo) and press the X (x) key. The Power User Menu window opens. Click on the System drop-down menu, and on your System Type, your version of Windows 8 will be listed. You can install both 32-bit and 64-bit processors on a 32-bit system, so pay attention to the last part of the line: X86 is 32 bits, x64 is 64 bits.


For Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you need to openStart menu and find the Computer item there. Right-click on it and select System. Before you open a window with the basic characteristics of your computer, go down to the System Type line, which will be followed by a variety of operating system. Then click on the left button on the Device Manager button, find the processors and expand the list. If many identical items appear, then you have a multi-core processor. Open any of them, select the Details section. There will be indicated the bit depth of the system architecture.


Find out how many bits: 32 or 64 on Windows XP, you can do the following: Right-click the My Computer shortcut and click General. Under System, the operating system will be listed. If the "x64 Edition" line is missing, then you have a 32-bit system architecture.

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