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How do I know how many bits: 32 or 64

How do I know how many bits: 32 or 64

Knowledge of computer system architecture allowsfacilitate the work of a driver update for the device, and also helps to evaluate the performance of your PC and the level of support from the developer.



To find out how many bits: 32 or 64 for Windows 8, you need to hold down the Windows key (with company logo) and press the X (X). Open Power User Menu window (System Properties). Click on the drop-down menu System (System) and in front of the Type Indicator System (system view), your version of Windows 8. will be available on 32-bit system, you can install both 32- and 64-bit processor, so pay attention to the last part of the string: x86 - 32 bit, x64 - 64 bit.


For Windows 7 and Windows Vista, you need to open"Start" menu and find a point Computer (Computer). Click the right mouse button and select the item System (System). Before you open a window with the basic features of your computer, go down to the System Type line (type system), and in front of which a kind of operating system will be listed. Then press the left side of the Device Manager button (Device Manager), locate and expand the list of processors. If you see a lot of the same items, then you have a multicore processor. Open any one of them, select the Details (Details). There will be a specified bit system architecture.


Find out how many bits: 32 or 64 on Windows XP by using the following operations. Right-click on My Computer Shortcuts (My Computer), and then open the item of General (common). Under Clause System (System) will be shown a variety of operating systems. If there is no line «x64 Edition», then you have a 32-bit system architecture.

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