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How do I know Sberbank phone hotline

Support service

By telephone hotline you can find almost any information about the bank, services, and information on their credit obligations and deposits.

Check the contact details of the Savings Bank in several ways.

Sberbank Map

If you are a holder of credit, debitor salary Sberbank card, learn hotline for you is not difficult. This information is always indicated on the back side of the plastic carrier. Note that, as a rule, on the map, you can see two phone numbers. One of them is free, but when you call on the second - with your phone number will be charged an amount equal to the cost of the negotiations in accordance with the tariffs of your mobile operator.
To distinguish paid and very simple toll-free number. If you specify a city code, then it is a usual phone, and if there is a mark "free call", this hotline number.

Sberbank's Website

If you have internet at your fingertips, then specifythe right information you can on the official website of the Savings Bank or to third-party services by asking the relevant question in the search box. Please note that the telephone hotline is also indicated with the note "free of charge to Russia" or "toll-free".

The agreement with the bank

In any agreement with the bank must be indicatedAll contact details. If you're a Savings Bank customer and you have a credit agreement, the documents confirming the discovery of a deposit or other agreements with the bank, then all of the information you can find on the first or last page. Usually hotline indicated in the graph with the details of the organization or in the text of the treaty.

Savings Bank Branch

If you do not have a contract, nor Sberbank card,access to the Internet can not be done, then find the hotline phone, please contact the nearest bank branch. This information you provide any employee. Do not forget to take the booklet with the terms of any bank program. In these pamphlets, as a rule, also referred phones to communicate with operators. Similar results can be seen on the screen of any terminal or ATM Savings Bank.


When you call the hot line of the Savings Bank, youIt will have a few minutes to talk to the answering machine. The main thing to do - listen carefully to the information and press the key corresponding to the theme of your question. Thus you will save time and will not wait until the employee will switch you to the right specialist.
By telephone hotline can be specifiedinformation on the bank's services to consult with employees on issues of interest to clarify the status of your application for the card issue or a loan. Furthermore, in addition you can also find currency exchange rates and conditions of purchase or sale of precious metals.

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