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How do I know the debt for utilities

How do I know the debt for Housing

Housing and utilities - an interesting thing. Especially not catch your eye, but it is impossible to live without them.

And forget about them is impossible, because every month comes to mailboxes bill for these services. However, it often happens that like to pay for an apartment, pay, and suddenly somewhere debt appears.

If receipts are gone, then what?

To pay again? In this case, the main thing - do not worry.

Now there are plenty of opportunities to find out where and what kind of debt you have.



First, learn about the presence and amount of the debtutilities can be in the housing department. There just come to call the address, and experts of this organization will be issued once all the information available on the subject of debt.


You can learn about the existence of the debt for utility services on the Internet. For example, you need to enter the site "Bank of Moscow", "Rents" section (How do I know the debt for Housing


Debt for electricity can be clarified by making a call to the helpdesk "power sales" came there in person or by sending a paid SMS.


Arrears of pay phone is usually easy to find on the telephone company's website under "My Account".
If there is a debt, then it should betry to pay off as soon as possible. Especially because now it can be done through the Internet, and through payment terminals, and a phone. So queues can not be afraid and safely pay for "communal" in any convenient way.

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