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How do I install code on your computer

How do I install code on your computer

If your organization has a single computeruses multiple users, to protect their sensitive data, you need to set a password to log on the computer. It is also desirable to use a password to protect against viruses.

Many users are running without a password and an administrator rights and virus writers use it.

By default, all users use the administrator rights, ie, almost anyone can install their drivers, programs, etc.



You need to go to the operating system as a user with administrator privileges. Go to the "Start" menu, then "Control Panel", then "User Accounts".


In the "User Accounts" window that appears, "Change account" must be selected.


Select the account for which you want to set a password. Now select the "Create a password" option.


Password must be entered twice to avoidthe probability of error when entering a password. It is also recommended that you enter a word or phrase with a hint in case you forget your password. But we should remember that this phrase will be visible to all users when the computer starts in password input window. That is the phrase should give a clue about the password only you and not anyone else.


Click "Create a password" to complete the operation. Now only you will be able to go under this account, and the one to whom you entrust your password. But we should remember that your password with anyone - thus endangering their confidential data.

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