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How do I download the schedule of trains in the phone

How do I download the schedule of trains in the phone

If you have a smartphone to carry the paper timetable of trains is optional.

Suffice it to load into the machine a free program that will automatically download and display the train schedule.



Properly set up your phone pointaccess (APN) - its name must begin with the word internet, instead of wap. Make sure that SIM-card was acquired in the same region where you are now. Connect the cheapest available unlimited tariffs for data transfer.


Check your smartphone compatibilityapplication Tutu.Ru. It must be the operating system Symbian 9, Anna or Belle (not supported by all versions), iOS 3.0 or later or Android 2.2 or later version. With other mobile operating systems, the program is not compatible.


Download the phone built-in browser. If you run a third-party browser, the download may not be possible. Click one of the articles listed at the end links, depending on whether your phone installed on the OS.


Click "Install" button (if you are usingphone on Android), «View in iTunes» (if you iPhone) or "Download to mobile. Device. "(if your phone is set to the Symbian). Follow the instructions of the system. If you are not registered in the app store, you will need to get an account using your phone's browser or computer. When you download the program on your phone with Android or Symbian, select it as the site of the storage card (if available).


In the Android or iOS application icon to getone desktops, and in the Symbian - the menu "Applications" folder - "established". In some versions of the latest OS, this folder may be named differently, or the program may be placed in the main menu.


Run the program. Enter the name of the departure station and destination. If necessary, allow the program to transfer data. Soon upload actual train schedule in the desired direction you. Please note that the accuracy was not guaranteed, so do not rely on it completely.

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