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How do I copy from one card in htc

How do I copy from one card in htc

HTC smartphone, depending on the model, if any, has no slots for memory cards, or equipped with only one such slot.

Nevertheless copy using this phone files from one card to another is possible.

You will need

  • - Cord USB Host-
  • - kardrider-
  • - The second smartphone.



Set the smartphone «Play Store"two-pane file manager, for example, X-Plore. Use to copy files between cards full-time manager of the firmware file uncomfortable. Remember that whenever you're shooting from a smartphone or install it in a memory card, you must turn it off before removing the back cover, and include - after.


The first case occurs when the phone hasmemory card slot, but no USB Host function. Set the device map, which you need to pick up the files. Copy them to the built-in phone memory. Remove the card and install it in place of the one which is necessary to burn the files. Move them to it. If the amount of internal memory smartphone small and large files, the procedure may need to be repeated several times.


The second case - when the phone function USB Hostis, and slots for memory card is not present. Fully charge the phone, because while copying to eat from the charger it can not. Connect it to the USB Host cable and a cord - a card reader with the first card. Copy the files from it to the internal memory. Then find the top of the screen "curtain" and drop it. Find the menu item corresponding to disable the card. Wait for permission for its withdrawal, and then remove. Install the second card, and move files on it.


The third case: the smartphone has a slot for memory cards, and USB Host function. One of the maps set in the phone, the second - in the connected card reader. Now you can copy files directly in both directions without using the built-in memory.


Finally, if you have a second smartphone (notnecessarily HTC), install a memory card in one device, and the other - the other. After that you will be able to transfer between the two files via Bluetooth. Received files immediately move to the memory card. Due to the low transmission speed in this manner, it is suitable only for small volume files.

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