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How do I choose a netbook or tablet

How do I choose a netbook or tablet

In today's world, permeated through and through high technology, people are often not limited to the purchase of a home computer for work, study or entertainment.

Moreover, the presence of a mobile computing device of luxury gradually turns into urgent need.

A few years ago, the choice of mobile deviceslimited to smartphones and laptops. The first consisted of cell phones with advanced features: access to the Internet, watching videos, the ability to install applications and synchronize with a PC, and the second - even full-fledged computer, but in a more compact design. Now a range of options Add netbooks and tablet computers, and to understand what type of a mobile device is better than another, it became more difficult.

The compactness and speed

Tablet PC, in fact, is acontinuation of the idea of ​​the smartphone. It is more suitable for a variety of entertainment: watching movies, playing games, reading books, visiting internet. His undeniable merits: compact and relatively powerful battery. On the other hand, is suitable for tablet bad, because in most cases there is only a virtual keyboard, greatly complicates the typesetting.
In addition, using special platesoperating system, the number of applications for that is limited. Finally, tablet PCs is not possible to connect external devices, and PC synchronization is carried out only with the help of wireless technology, that is, to send a file from your computer to the tablet, it is necessary to send it via Bluetooth, or via e-mail.

Full functionality

In contrast to the tablet, a netbook - it's almosta full-fledged computer, but with reduced dimensions. It has a full keyboard, it established a familiar operating system (eg, Windows), a netbook can connect hard drives, input and output devices, and connect it to the LAN. Naturally, the possibility of wireless Internet connection is also present. Unfortunately, the netbook battery is designed only for a few hours.
The compact size is a seriouslimiting performance netbooks do not expect that you will be able to play on a small computer in the modern game. Generally, netbooks and tablets are similar in terms of performance, but we must not forget that the netbook has a full-fledged operating system, and so much more versatile. In addition, in the case of the netbook you will not have problems with the file compatibility, since their creation and editing are used exactly the same program, you are used to on a PC.
Compare netbooks and tablets is not quitecorrectly, as these devices have fundamentally different functions, challenges and opportunities. If you want to read news and books, watch movies, play, and communicate, the tablet will be a reasonable choice, but if you are planning to purchase for the device, it is better to stay on the netbook as at comparable, in principle, it is possible to use the size of a benefit. Finally, do not forget about the price difference: Currently, netbooks are a bit cheaper tablets.

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