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How to calculate a mortgage savings bank

How to calculate a mortgage savings bank

Currently, mortgage loans arevery popular among the population. Of course, it is quite convenient, because buying a house today, you can pay for it for a long period of time.

Undoubtedly, a leader in the provision of mortgage Sberbank is.



The calculation of payments on a mortgage is quite simple. To start work determined the amount of the requested loan to the interest rate and term of the loan in months. The result is an overpayment for the entire loan period. If you add up the amount of credit and overpayment, and the resulting number is divided by the number of months of credit, you get a loan payment.


However, it should be remembered that the Savings Bank offersdifferentiated payments on the mortgage. In this case, as a result of the above calculation to get the size of the first payment, subsequent payments will decrease, as every month reduced its outstanding principal balance. The most accurate calculation can be obtained via the program "Loan Calculator" available to each inspector lending, as well as on the website of the Savings Bank.


Please note that the interest rates onmortgages offered by Sberbank, are not the same. Their level depends on the term of the loan, the size of down payment, and the loan currency. The smaller the loan term and the larger size of the client's own funds invested in housing, the lower the interest rate.


The loan amount which provides the Savings Bankthe client can not exceed 90 percent of the cost of finished housing or the estimated cost of construction of the facility. The maximum loan term - 30 years. But we should remember that, in spite of the lower payment on a longer term, the total overpayment on your mortgage will be much higher.


When calculating the mortgage should be considered,that the mortgaged property (house or apartment) are subject to mandatory insurance. The costs associated with insurance, also borne by the borrower.


Currently, there are no Sberbankany commission related to the opening and maintenance of the loan account, the consideration of the application, etc. It is quite advantageous terms for the client, through which he is freed from unnecessary overpayments.

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