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Choosing a costume for your child, parents often do notcan cope with entrenched notions of carnival costumes. So at the festival there are five snowflakes, a couple of people, spiders and a dozen rabbits.

To highlight their child from the crowd, it is not necessarily come up with something unusual.

Staple child costume simple but recognizable horse, you can easily get away from the stereotypes.

You will need

  • - bumaga-
  • - karandash-
  • - lineyka-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - the cloth-
  • - nitki-
  • - sewing machine.



The most recognizable and interesting will suithorse suit, which is called "apples". The basis of his serve as a gray shirt and trousers. If there was no child's wardrobe of clothes of that color, sew it yourself. Find the pattern shirt and trousers in a magazine or the Internet, or build it yourself by clearing all the necessary measurements. Sew clothes in gray costume fabric. When this can be done without a shirt collar.


To the gate of the upper part of the suit sew the hood. To build it a pattern, measure the distance from the shoulder to the top of the head. Draw a pattern in the shape of a rectangle that height, then add two centimeters - a seam allowance. Then, round off the top corner of the hood.


Make mane for a suit. Cut out of a hard cardboard box. Its height should be equal to the desired length of the hair in the mane. Take the wool yarn and wind it on cardboard. Having 7-10 rpm, cut the thread. Remove the coil of a template through the lower part of a short section of miss any thread, then wind the thread around the base of the resulting beam. The hinges at the top cut the beam. Zagotovte sufficient number of such brushes. They should be enough to be able to lay out a mane along the entire length of the hood.


Fold the two parts face each hoodto friend. According to the seam position elements mane. Summary their length should be between tissue layers - so that when reversing mane sufficiently long. Lay the line on the hood with the help of a sewing machine. Then stitched detail to the collar of his shirt.


Take a piece of felt. Cut it into strips 1 cm wide. The length of the strips must match the desired length of the tail of horse. Few thrust back seam Sew Trouser, and the resulting hole in the tail felt.


Make fifteenth "apples" in the form of applications. Cut them out one by one and the same pattern of felt of any color. Traditional dark gray apples can be replaced by more interesting - purple or orange (in this case it is necessary to make the mane and tail of the same color). Sew appliqué by hand or on a typewriter. Try to distribute the apples evenly on the horse costume.

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