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Properly installed extractor fan in the kitchen will provide the required level of ventilation of the room, as well as protect the lining of kitchen units against heat gas and steam.

You will need

  • Hood, tape measure, hammer, screwdriver.



Initially, it is worth noting the fact that the widthmounted hoods must be greater than the width of a gas cooker on ten centimeters. This is due to the fact that excessive heat gas stove will certainly ruin the lining of your headset, if the hood is unable to absorb all of evaporation.


Determination of the height of the hood. Working surface of the system is to be installed above the working surface of the plate level at a distance of 60-70 centimeters. Fix the hood at this altitude and, placing it exactly in the center of the gas stove, check the hole-drilling. If you install the system is too low, excessive temperatures will melt the plastic exhaust all mechanisms, but if you place it too high, the work of drawing will be ineffective.


Drill holes in the wall for fixing awnings hood. By inserting into the drilled cavity plastic dowels, screw the wall mounting screws.


Hang the hood on the mounted fixtures,then, begin the assembly of the ventilation duct. Steam discharge pipe is going on the principle designer? inserted one sector to another. If the last sector is too long, cut it at the desired size with scissors or the hacksaw. Possible cracks and gaps must be sealed, pre, degrease the surface.

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