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HOW do Hionodoksy

How do Hionodoksy

Very attractive and natural look of the composition of hionodoksov - a very beautiful, delicate and elegant colors, made of paper.

You will need

  • - bumaga-
  • - Stick embossing Paper
  • - pulverizator-
  • - chernila-
  • - mat-
  • - Plasticine yellow colors-
  • - Klein
  • - tape-



Make a template.
Prepare just a lot of details.


Adding items in a stack, inject water by spraying between the layers. Distribute the moisture fingers, as if tamping layers, but without breaking the structure.
Repeat the procedure several times until the paper is soft and completely soaked.


Dilute a small amount of ink in water. You can dial the paint with a sponge pad, dip them in water and wring out. Note that not divorced ink distributed worse.
Saturate the resulting paint paper layers to the desired result. Not forgetting the water pressing her fingers to the pigment remained in the paper.
Paint the surface with undiluted ink the edges of petals, making them brighter, and again with your fingers to evenly distribute color.
Check periodically the result between the layers.


Place the soft mat blank flower tool continuously perform several times from the edge of the petal to the center by pressing firmly.


Allow the paper to dry completely on a soft rug.
Glue the parts in pairs.
Make an indentation with a tool with the ball by clicking on the workpiece at the center. If you get a flat cup, tighten up the top layer at the base of the pencil.


Form the wire on stamen of plasticine Paper clay yellow. Adding some white stamens, obveyte ribbon for flower arranging.


Insert the stem of a flower in a cup and secure with glue.


With these colors you can make a postcard.

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