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HOW do Heng at home

Heng - a toy for the development of hands

Heng - plastic toy that can fumble.

The material from which made Heng, has interesting properties that allow the toy to give a variety of forms.

toy story

In the 40s of the 20th century, scientists were looking for a replacement rubber. As a result, the organic polymer and with interesting properties was created. From it began to make toys for children that allow to develop the motor skills of hands. "Silly putty" - it is elastic, plastic mass, which can wrinkle, tear, twist, different simulated.

If the ball out of the material put on the table, then it will start to spread if the knock on the wall, it bounces.

Preparation of "silly putty" home

Heng You may want to do at homeconditions. You will need: PVA glue, a small container, wooden stick (you can use chopsticks), borax (sold in gardening stores).

Heng can be bought in a toy shop. Material costs about 500 rubles, and is durable.

One jar of PVA glue should be poured into a bowl,gradually add borax and stir vigorously with a wooden stick. From the amount of borax will depend on the consistency of the material, so it must be added drop by drop. The more drills, the thinner will Heng. The procedure continues as long as the stick does not form a lump, which ceases to absorb adhesive. It must be wiped with a dry cloth. If the mass is rapidly solidified, it must be put into the bag and knead with your fingers. To toy was a color, it is possible to add to the mixing bowl of food coloring or gouache. And get rid of the smell of the glue will help drop of essential oil. Toy will retain its properties for about a week when her intense play. This is minus homemade hengama. Over time, the mass is dry. "Silly putty", cooked by the recipe, does not leave a greasy residue on the skin, clothing and other surfaces. Good take off from the table and walls.
There is another recipe hengama. You will need: Silicate glue, vodka or alcohol. When using alcohol must mix the two components in the ratio 1: 1 when using vodka, the glue is added by 1.5 times smaller. If you add a lot of alcohol, you get a solid brittle material, so the proportion can not be broken. To obtain a thick white mass, something resembling a thick wallpaper paste, all the components must be mixed intensively. Then Heng rinse with cold water and a little squeeze that extra glass liquid, and "silly putty" is ready. This toy will be enough just for a day, after which it dries.
For another recipe cooking hengamaIt needs: starch, water, PVA glue. Starch must be dissolved in water, keeping the proportion of 1: 1. Then gradually pour the glue and stir vigorously to the mass acquired the desired viscous consistency. Toy made on this recipe, nepryguchaya, but rather plastic.

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