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How to make a hanger

The very first rack is likely to have been a regular tree with broken branches lower.

We can assume that someone from our ancestors got the idea to lean against a tree stored for fire against the wall of the cave and hang on his own skin.

It was probably from there began its journey hanger-rack, which is the simplest and most technologically advanced of all of their outdoor counterparts.

And if accepted for the manufacture of home-made hangers, preference should be given to this particular structure.

You will need

  • Welding apparatus, a Bulgarian, a set of plumbing tools, paint, metal: 27-32 mm tube, rod 10 and 16 mm???.



Cut the workpiece hangers for details:
•; Rack: 27-32 tube length of 160 cm - 1 piece-?

•; for the legs: 16 mm rod length of 30 cm - 3 piece-?

•; for the hooks: 10 rod length of 40 cm - 4 pcs?.


Round the ends of the legs grinder pieces, hooks and racks. The ends of blanks hook shape the hemisphere.


Bend the blanks in the form of hooksquestion marks. Choose appropriate dimensions empirically, bearing in mind that the question mark leg will play the role of a hook for hats, and head - to coat. Bend your legs in the middle of a blank for a bending radius of 150 mm.


Weld studs legs to an angle of 120 ° with respect to each other, taking into account that the lower end of the rack should be at a distance of 10 cm from the floor.
Weld hooks to the upper end of the bar,turning the "question marks" head down. Place the rack with the contact hooks must be positioned at a distance of about 5 cm from the upper end of the bar. Hooks inclination angle with respect to the rack pick empirically.


Repel with hangers welding scale, cleansandpaper, degrease and color. Paint color pick, depending on the color of the interior. Looks nice hanger, painted in two colors, for example, hooks painted in bronze or gold, and the front legs and - emerald green.

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