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How to make a bathtub for hands from the bark of oak


Hand baths are a quick and effective way to soften dry and rough skin, reduce sweating, moisturize dry skin, soften the cuticle.

For these purposes, make various decoctions and infusions, for example, from the bark of oak.

You will need

  • - Oak bark-
  • - water-
  • - pharmaceutical camomile-
  • - Linden blossom-
  • - mint-
  • - vinegar-
  • - St. John's wort.



Relax irritated skin of the hands withDecoction, prepared from 1 tbsp. Oak bark, 1 tbsp. Mint leaves, 1 tbsp. L. Lime color and 1 tbsp. Chamomile pharmacy. Herbal collection pour 3 cups of boiling water, bring the mixture to a boil, then insist it for 18-20 minutes and strain. Apply the herbal mass for 7-10 minutes on the hands, then lower your hands into the healing broth and hold for 13-15 minutes.


To remove irritation, it is recommended to cookInfusion, the recipe of which is as follows: 2 tablespoons. Oak bark and 180-200 ml of hot water. Bark oak pour boiling water and insist the mixture for at least 15 minutes. After the infusion, strain and put your hands in it for 8-10 minutes. Such procedures should be performed twice or thrice a day. The result does not take long to wait.


With excessive sweating of hands, make baths fromDecoction of oak bark. To do this, take 47-50 g of oak bark, pour a liter of freshly boiled water, bring the mixture to a boil, then, reducing the fire to a small, cook the composition for 28-30 minutes. Next, strain the broth and pour into a container of dark glass. Baths should be done before going to bed: put the hands in a warm broth and leave for 12-15 minutes. After this procedure, apply a moisturizing hand cream to the skin.


To cope with the increased problemSweating of hands and calm irritated skin, you need to prepare a medicinal remedy of the following components: 1 tsp. St. John's wort, 2 glasses of water, 1 tsp. Oak bark and 3 tsp. Vinegar. Herbal collection pour boiling water, put the container with the mixture on a slow fire and cook for 8-10 minutes. Next, drain the broth and cool it to a comfortable temperature. Then, curative broth pour into the bowl, add the ingredients with vinegar and put your hands in it. The procedure should be performed before bedtime. Duration of treatment is determined individually, but a noticeable improvement will be noticeable after the first procedures.

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