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How to make a hairstyle with a bandage

Stripes are back in fashion. After the incredible popularity in the nineties of the last century, they have been forgotten for several years.

Now, scarves, belts, straps back, allowing fashionistas to build a big beautiful stylish hairstyles.



"Greek" styling makes the head and trimIt looks incredibly stylish. The easiest way to do it for those who have no hair below the shoulders. To create the hairstyles you will need to tape bandage strap and hairspray. First, divide the hair parted in the middle and sprinkle them with varnish. Then put a bandage so that it passes on the center of your forehead. Alternately, since the temporal strands, wrap the hair behind the bandage ends inside. Tighten the hair all over the head. To roll was the same all the way around the back Lay the tresses with a mirror. Fasten finished laying varnish.


Screw the hair on large curlers or curlingso as to obtain large soft waves. This is done in order to create a good amount. Lift locks up and screw them into a bundle over the neck. Secure with pins. Strands release the person forward so that they cover the cheekbones. Put a bandage or a tiara. We get a very elegant luxuriant hair.


Make high bun at the nape. To do this, collect hair in a ponytail, a little nacheshite them and wrap around the tip of the tail of gum. Secure the bundle of varnish. Put a bandage so that it passes through the hair between the forehead and the beam. This hairstyle looks best wide tape or bandages with decorations from the side.


For girls with short hair andlaying there with a bandage. To create it, nacheshite hair at the roots, so that they become more voluminous. Deal with varnish. The locks on the forehead and temples tighten up a little bit from the bottom and place on the face. Strands fix gel, so they kept clear form. On top put a bandage to surround a flower or artificial stones. This installation in the style of the thirties girls suit any face shape.

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