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How to make a hairstyle with a bandage


How to make a hairstyle with a bandage</a>

The bandages are back in fashion. After incredible popularity in the nineties of the last century, they were forgotten for several years.

Now handkerchiefs, ribbons, straps come back, allowing women of fashion to build more beautiful stylish hairstyles.



"Greek" styling makes the head neat andLooks incredibly stylish. The easiest way is to make it for those with hair that is not below the shoulders. To create a hairstyle, you will need a ribbon, a bandage, a strap and a hairspray. First, divide the hair into a straight part and spray with varnish. Then put on the bandage so that it passes through the center of the forehead. Alternately, starting with the temporal locks, wrap the hair behind the bandage with its ends inside. Twist the hair all over the head. To ensure that the roller is the same along the entire perimeter, lay the curls behind the mirror with the back. Secure the finished packing with varnish.


Screw the hair on a large curler or curling ironSo that large soft waves are produced. This is done in order to create a good volume. Raise the locks upward and tighten them in a tourniquet above the neck. Secure it with studs. Strands of the face release forward so that they close the cheekbones. Wear an armband or diadem. Get a very elegant lush hair.


Make a high beam at the back of the head. To do this, collect the hair in the tail, brush them a little and wrap the tip of the tail around the gum. Fix the bunch with a varnish. Wear the bandage so that it passes through the hair between the forehead and the bundle. In this hairstyle, wide ribbons or bandages with a decor on the side look better.


For girls with short haircuts alsoThere is a styling with a bandage. To create it, brush your hair at the roots, so that they become more voluminous. Treat with varnish. Strands on the forehead and temples slightly twist from below and lay on the face. Strands should be fixed with gel so that they keep a clear shape. On top, put on a bandage with a volumetric flower or artificial stones. This style in the style of the thirties will suit girls with any form of face.

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