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How to make ground

How to make ground

You have been such cases when, to check whether the water is warmed in a bucket from the boiler, you are thrust into a bucket of hand, and you zapped?

It could only talk about the fact that the room is poor grounding or it does not.

A private multi-storey buildings and old buildings grounding usually not provided.

But this unfortunate mistake can be eliminated by setting the ground with their hands.



Select the grounding electrodes. Most often, the electrodes are made of steel, at least? steel coated with copper and copper cladding. Let us consider the first option. Choosing a ground electrode, pay attention to the cross-sectional area. Using the angular or rectangular profile, take the cross-sectional area of ​​150 mm2. The minimum diameter of the steel pipe should be equal to 32 mm and its wall thickness? 3.5 mm. The length of the ground electrode must be at least 2 meters. At the same time, on the grounding conductors should not be covered, which could affect the electrical contact.


Setting up ground. Use should be at least three ground electrodes that are driven into the ground to form a triangle with equal sides. The length of the sides shall not be less than 1.2 meters. Three digs holes in the form of our future ground half a meter depth and combine them with trenches. After that, prepare the electrodes for driving, using grinders. Take in the hands sledgehammer and more electrodes hammered into the soil. In that case, if the soil is very hard, the ends of the electrodes may flatten. What are we doing? Cut away the deformed electrode grinder segment and continue to hammer it.


With a steel wire having a sectionnot less than 50 mm2, connect the electrodes. All the connections you need to perform welding? it is the most reliable option. Attach wires to the electrodes bolts should only be a last resort. Pulls out a small trench from the venue of the ground to the house. Spending up to the point I intended to house ground metal strip and display it above the ground. In the band need to weld a bolt M10 or M8 to connect our grounding with a grounding conductor. Grounding is ready! Can no longer be afraid that you will hit current.

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