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How to make a grate


The wooden grill looks great anywhere in the apartment</a>

Very beautiful look woven wooden grilles on brand new store desks, cabinets, chests of drawers and pedestals.

Furniture professionals know their business and produce very beautiful specimens of furniture with decorative wooden bars.

Now you have the opportunity to make such a grate with your own hand, which you can install where you want.



Determine at first the dimensions of the lattice cells and the width of the bar. You can visually calculate these parameters in any 3D graphics editor or draw Lattice In scale with a pen or pencil. Planks should be the thicker, the larger the size of the cells. Too small a cell size with the same thickness of the strips taken will lead to an increased deformation of the cells during the grinding process.


So, you have calculated all the lattice parameters and are readyStart to weave. For clarity, the width of the bar will be equal to 18 mm, and the thickness? 2 mm. The distance between adjacent slats should also be 18 mm. Print the drawing on a scale of 100% or use the final drawing drawn by hand. You need a frame or frame for such a grating to hold it Lattice In the same plane.


Take a board or board with a thickness of 18 mm or the same thickness as the width of the future bars of your grill. Cut the shield along the fibers into strips 2 mm thick, grind them, freeing them from splinters.


Now lay out the bars on the finished drawing and start the weaving. This is a very important and complex process. After all, the slats stubbornly do not want to weave, they can crumble, so start weaving Lattice From the corner, and around the edges, press them withClamps or any heavy objects. At the intersection, glue them around the perimeter. This can be done both in the process of weaving the lattice, and after it.


Wait for the grill to dry and cut itPerimeter. Remember that the size of the finished finishing grid needs to be made more by a couple of centimeters both in height and width than the frame size (internal). Calculate also the width of your frame and its size in assembly.


Prepare a frame to insert it into the Lattice. Take for this two pairs of laths 18Mm, as well as a width of at least 75 mm (with an estimated width of the frame of 70 mm), that is, with allowance. Assemble the frame on the table in such a way as to maintain the internal design size, and then fix the frame.


You can immediately strike with a pencil at the jointsFramework, in order to then accurately connect. Decide first, with the edge or groove cutter you must go first. Mask the inside of the frame. Then disassemble, grind and collect the tags of your frame already with the lattice together (inserting it into the groove). Glue the joints of the joints of the frame, then pinch it and leave to dry. Cut the frame to the required dimensions and walk along it with the edge cutter. It's all.

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