His own hands do a picture of coffee beans
How do you know the name of his guardian angel

HOW do good deeds

Good always wins evil

Sometimes it seems that the surrounding people look with disdain and anger.

All somewhere hurry, run.

Changed values ​​of life, all cash is king.

About honesty, kindness and attention to the closest start thinking less and less.

Unselfish motive

Before starting any business, you need toanalyze the work ahead. Rate their willingness to work. Do good deeds is not so easy. Here the main thing that came from the heart and not at someone else's instruction. No need to wait to respond to their kindness the same attitude. Man must move unselfish motive. Otherwise, you may be disappointed in the people continue not to reflect on the question of good and evil.

Good, careful attention to the family andpeople around you can be considered a good thing to do. You do not have to save a child from a burning house or take a kitten from a tree, to consider themselves decent and humane man. It is enough to set an example to their polite behavior.

Do not be shy to express their feelings in public. If you would like to help, supporting, not pass trouble, do not restrain yourself.

Do good to work

It is possible to perform good deeds in hisprofessional activity. Politely answer questions, advise, treat, build, and the treat the case with great care, as if sitting next Attestation Commission, decides the fate of man. Everywhere confronted with boorish attitude rudeness. Of course, this behavior can be attributed to many reasons: family problems, health problems, dysfunctional life. But it is important to be able to restrain myself and not jibe anger on innocent people.

The feeling that occurs in a person when he madesomething good, not to betray the words. It will continue to act as an incentive. Welcome - inner human need to do something useful, not only for families, but also for complete strangers. Violence, murder, abuse - all this surrounds each day, the media stir up the situation even more. Therefore I'd like to abstract from this dark world, to make a kind of protest and make a contribution by doing good deeds.

The number of good deeds will increase when people realize how hard it is to live, constantly clashing, building plots.

Charity Organisations

Welcome able to bring people together in a group. After all, a large group of much more powerful. An example is the charitable organizations that were created to help those in need. This and charities that help sick children and adults, rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addiction. Good deeds make people happier, allowed to grow spiritually and intellectually. In a circle of like-minded people feel stronger. It is important to find someone who understands and shares a common point of view.

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