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HOW do good

How do good

Well - it is the power by which there is still a world. It may seem that no longer exists good people on the planet, but it is not.

If you are thinking about how to do good to others, then you are ready to change the world, starting with ourselves.

Good words

Every great thing starts with small steps. To deal with virtue, you need to start living it. To do this, try tomorrow to talk to all your loved ones pleasant words and praise for the statement. But do not overdo it, so that your words may seem simple to others flattery. People feel very sensitive line between sincerity and artificiality.
In the movie "Interstate 60: travel stories ", which can be called a cult hero Bob Cody advises:" Tell me what you think, I think what you say. " Refer to this rule, when you speak kind words to others - do not lie, but do not hurt what was said.

Who needs help?

Look around you: there are many people who need help. Elderly people, children with disabilities, the poor - those who need help all the time. But that does not mean you have to just go for the first passers-grandmother to help her bring a bag home.
Find out if your city publicorganizations that are engaged in good deeds. Often organize joint trips to the orphanages, fundraising for orphans, regular visits to veterans. Even if you become a donor - you have to survive help at least one person.
But do not forget about other people. Help is needed not only socially weak and limited, but a complete human being. Someone you can help ordinary conversation. But never try to help everyone - it is not possible and not necessary. Do good only to those who need it, and only when your desire is sincere.


If you have money, thenis your opportunity to help other people, of course, higher than the rest. You can invest not only in children's homes, but also in starting a project. If you meet a really talented person, you can help him to achieve great heights and enrich the culture at the same time.

Do good to return back?

Good things always come back to the one whoIt makes them disinterested. People will long wonder why this is happening, but the fact remains. Perhaps this is due to the energy of the universe and all in the same spirit.
But sometimes provided to help you can hurtman. If this happens in your life, do not blame yourself for that. You are not a prophet, and do not know what to expect tomorrow. The main thing is not what you do, and then, with what intent ye do good deeds.
Do not impose their assistance to people who are in itdont need. If you really want to accomplish a good deed, then fate will not take long, and soon will give you the opportunity. The main thing is to listen to its signs.

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