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How to make an arbor

How to make an arbor

It used to be a summer residence was associated primarily with subsistence crops, vegetable garden.

Now hut - above all, place of rest. And therefore it is necessary gazebo.

It will shelter from the burning sun, wind and rain. It is possible to drink tea, talk, read a book.

Simple arbor can be built in the country with their own hands.

You will need

  • Beam, bars, boards, roofing materials, the level of the concrete.



First, select a suitable location. From your gazebo should have a beautiful appearance. After that you can start. The first step is to make the foundation. For such a lightweight construction as a gazebo, suitable easiest - columnar. It is a snap to make.
Mark the outline of the future on earth gazebo. Remove all the fertile layer of the land inside the loop. This is done, in the future, under the floor of the gazebo was not going to moisture. Then take the columns prepared in advance. They may be asbestos-cement, stone, brick or wood. If the tree is properly handle antiseptic materials, it does not rot 10-15 years.
Poles embedded in the ground, on the freezing depth. It should be carefully checked with a level, whether they are straight enough. After all, this will depend on the strength of the foundation. To be sure, better to pour the concrete pillars of a solution. Then on top of all the established pillars place roofing material, it will provide waterproofing.


Now it's time to start buildingbase for the gazebo. It is made from timber 100 by 100. This timber should be put on dug bars and secure. Then, should be put on the base around the perimeter of the other columns, which will serve as support for the most gazebo. They must be secure and also very carefully, using a level to check the verticality of installation. After that, top to make cuts under the future mount.


Then you need to prepare the ground for the roof. This is done on the ground. First you have to connect in the middle of the timber board. To the future of the base was stronger junction strengthen further. Along the edges also need to make cuts. They provide a base entry in the columns supporting pergola. After that, the base can be installed. Inside the roof sheathing can lining, the outside covered with tiles, slate, roofing iron or simple roofing material.
Now is the time to do the floor. It is better to build from a bar or fifty-boards. They are nailed to the ground. The walls of the villa gazebo can be done in different ways - solid, lattice. It zvavisit entirely on your imagination.

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