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How to make photo puzzles


How to make photo puzzles</a>

Creating a picture on puzzles - a fairly common service, and it is offered by many specialists.

In fact, you can make photos yourself, using the possibilities of the program Photoshop.



Select the photo you want to make fromPuzzles and open it in Photoshop. If you want to print the photo in the future, choose a high quality photo to make the picture clear, not blurry.


Create a new layer. This can be done by clicking on the "Layer" menu item, and then "New", or by clicking on the icon for creating a new layer at the bottom of the Layers window. If this window is not displayed in the program, then you will have to turn it on. Go to "Window" in the top panel and select "Layers". Transfer your image to a new layer and name it Photo.


Selecting a new layer as a working canvas (heShould be displayed in blue in the Layers window), go to the "Window" menu item. Select the "Styles" section, and the program will open a window with different styles (displayed in the form of squares) that are available in Photoshop and are available for application to your image.


Click on the library of styles that is locatedUnder the window closing icon (a cross) and from the opened list, select the category "Image Effects" (Image Effects). The window will open the available effects, you need to find among them a "puzzle".


After you find the item you want andClick on it, your picture will be covered with a "puzzle" texture. But the image is not yet ready, because such small puzzles do not look as realistic as we would like. Therefore, you need to increase their size. Go to the window where the layers are displayed (Layers), and add the style to the current layer by clicking the icon as a function.


In the drop-down list, select "Bevel andEmboss). A small window opens in which you will see the "Texture" section. In it, you can increase the size by moving the slider, and, in addition, add more realism using the "Depth" option. Adjust the effect to your liking.


Save the resulting photo file in JPEG format, if you want to print the photo (pre-set the desired size for printing), or in PNG format, if you want to use it for the Internet.

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