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HOW do fotopazly

How do fotopazly

Create a picture in a puzzle - service is common enough, and it is offered by many experts.

In fact, you can make fotopazly and himself, using Photoshop's capabilities.



Select the photo from which you want to dopuzzles and open it in Photoshop. If you want to print out later fotopazl, choose high-quality photos to get a clear picture, not blurred.


Create a new layer. This can be done by clicking the "Layer" menu and then "New" or click on the icon to create a new layer bottom of the Layers window. If the program does not display this window, then you have to turn it on. Navigate to the option "Window» (Window) in the top bar and select "Layers» (Layers). Move to a new layer your image and name it Photo.


Choosing a new layer as a working canvas (heshould be displayed in blue in the Layers window), go to the "Window" menu (Window). Select the "Style" (the Styles), and the program will open a window with different styles (shown as squares) that are available in the "Photoshop" and is available to be applied to your image.


Click on the style library, which isunder the icon close the window (Cross) and from the displayed list, select the category "image effect» (Image Effects). In the open the available effects, you need to find among them the "puzzle".


Once you find the desired item, andclick on it, your image will be covered "pazlovoy" texture. But the picture is not quite ready, because these little puzzles do not look as realistic as we would like. Therefore it is necessary to increase their size. Go to the window, where the displayed layers (Layers), and add the current layer style by clicking the icon in the form of a function.


In the drop-down list, select "Emboss» (Bevel andEmboss). This opens a small window where you will see the "Texture" section. It can be increased and the size, moving the slider, and, moreover, to add more realistic by using the parameter "depth". Adjust the effect to your liking.


Save the fotopazl in JPEG format, if you want to print photos (pre-set the desired size for printing) or in PNG format if you want to use it for the Internet.

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