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How to make a fleece


How to make a fleece</a>

The runo is a kind of personification of the life force, i.e. Energy talisman.

Therefore, a pendant using this material carries a certain symbolic meaning.

You will need

  • Parchment made of sheepskin-lace or chain-paint-a list of runic symbols.



Preparing the basis. A piece of parchment from sheep's wool is carefully leveled, after which we cover with a thin layer of clear varnish. You can use beeswax. Then, on the basis of the future talisman, we give the opportunity to dry out well.


We define our own personalquality. Open the list of runes and look for the most suitable value for him. We create our own runic monogram for the talisman. These can be initials or a combination of runes that correspond to them.


We paint symbolic signs on the surface of parchment.


We smoke the talisman with the smoke of incense, we carry itAbove the flame of a candle or let him lie down in the sun, sprinkle it with clean water, sprinkle it with earth for several hours. Thus, according to the eastern beliefs, the talisman receives the power of Wind, Fire, Water and Earth.


We take the talisman by the tip and strongly blow on it. This means that the vital energy is activated. We wrap the mascot with silk or cotton cloth to preserve it.

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