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HOW do Fleece

How to make a Fleece

Fleece is a kind of personification of the vital force, ie, Energy talisman.

Therefore pendant with use of this material has a certain symbolic significance.

You will need

  • Parchment from sheep shkury- lace or tsepochka- kraska- list of runic symbols.



Prepare the base. A piece of parchment made of sheep wool carefully flatten, and then cover with a thin layer of clear varnish. It is possible to use beeswax. Then, based on the future mascot giving the opportunity to dry thoroughly.


Determine pronounced his own personalquality. Open the list of runes and seek out the most appropriate value to him. Create your own monogram for runic talisman. It can be initials or a combination of runes, which correspond to them.


Apply the paint symbolic signs on the surface of the parchment.


Fumigate the smoke of incense talisman, to bring hisover the flame of a candle or give him lie down in the sun, sprinkled with clean water, sprinkle it on the ground for several hours. Thus, oriental legends mascot gets the power Wind, Fire, Water and Earth.


We take the mascot for the tip and strongly when the wind blows on it. That means that life energy is activated. Mascot wrapping silk or cotton cloth to keep it.

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