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How to make a first aid kit

How to make a first-aid kit

Along with a fire extinguisher kit included in the mandatory car kit.

Under the current legislation from the automobile first-aid kits are completely excluded drugs, but added to the dressing.

This should help stop the bleeding victim, wait for the arrival of medical teams.

You will need

  • Sterile and nestirilnye bandages, plasters, scissors, gloves, tourniquet, pencil, paper, sterile dressing pack, gauze.



Always in the first aid kit should includesterile and non-sterile medical gauze bandages of different sizes, corresponding to GOST 1172-93. To use them you need for dressing a variety of skin damage such as cuts, abrasions and other wounds. Each bandage must be in individual containers, which indicate the size and the name of the product by the manufacturer, information on the number of bandages in packaging on their sterility or non-sterility, the date of manufacture or sterilization and shelf life.


Harness that was included with first aid kits,It is used to temporarily stop the venous or arterial bleeding. GOST R ISO 10993-99, it is to be accorded the tourniquet. In addition it put in first aid kit pencil and a few sheets of paper, they will be useful for fixing the tourniquet time. More than 2 hours, you can not apply a tourniquet.


Always in the first aid kit should includesterile dressing pack. Manufactured in accordance with GOST 1179-93 package is composed of one or two cotton-gauze pads and fixing bandage, bandage. This item first aid kit should be packed in individual packing labeled "sterile", advice on opening and use, as well as information about the expiration date, manufacturer and so on. It is used a sterile bandage pack for burns and wounds.


As in the case of dressing burnswounds and other skin lesions using a sterile gauze. As a part of your first aid kit should be in pack of 10 pcs., The size of each napkin should not be less than 16h14 cm. They should be in the package, with information on their compliance with GOST 16427-93, the manufacturer, date of manufacture, expiration date and so on.


The structure of the automotive kits, in accordance withadjusted from 1 July 2010 to the order of the Ministry of Health №325 from 20.08.1996 "On Approval of the first-aid kit (automotive)" under the number 697N, should include 3 types of plasters. They should be used as an antimicrobial agent for small cuts and wounds as well as for fixing dressings.


As a means of cardiopulmonary resuscitationcar first aid kit should be equipped with a device for artificial respiration "mouth-device-to-mouth", the relevant GOST R ISO 10993-99.


As the necessary aids in the medicine cabinet should be a pair of scissors and medical gloves.

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