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How to make a name with a name


How to make a name with a name</a>

Baubles are original handmade ornaments made of thread, which became popular in the time of hippies.

They are often called bracelets of friendship.

Baubles are customary to give to close people, and what can be better than a personal gift.

You will need

  • - Thread of mulina 2 colors-
  • - scissors-
  • - Scotch-
  • - Weaving scheme.



Make a scheme of weaving a bouquet with a name. Take an ordinary sheet in a box and draw a drawing of a future bracelet, where 1 cell will correspond to 1 square nodule. If you do not know how to draw letters schematically, use the template.


Pick up the threads of the mulina of two contrasting colorsOr two shades of the same color (dark and light). Cut off the required number of warp threads, for example 8 and one work thread of contrasting hue.


The length of the moulin depends on the desired size of the baubles. Multiply the length of the bracelet by 4. For example, if you need to weave an ornament 15 cm long, multiply this number by 4, it turns out that the required length of the threads is 60 cm. But experienced needlewomen recommend not cutting off the thread, but weaving from the whole pile of muline and cutting off At the end of work.


Place the thread vertically next to each other. Place the working thread on the left. Attach them to the table with a piece of scotch tape. Leave the edge 8-10 cm, depending on the desired length of the bracelet tie, and start the weaving. Tie all the threads in one bundle. Spread out, as they did before. Begin to weave the background with a straight netting.


Tie the double nodules from left to right with a working thread. Then follow the same thread in the opposite direction with the right hinge knots and so on until you twist to the first letter according to your scheme.


Next, drag the baubles with the name according to the scheme. Working thread for the background make the necessary number of knots up to the letter. Then take the next warp thread and swap it with the working thread, now it will be working.


Tie it with a knot, but in the oppositeDirection of weaving, that is, if you have woven the background from left to right, the nodules of the letters will need to be woven from right to left and vice versa. To the letters of the name did not merge, weave between them 2 rows of background banners.


Weave by braiding the required lengthBaubles. Tie all the threads in one knot. Divide the tips on both sides into 3 equal parts, braid with an ordinary pigtail and tie all the threads together in one knot on each side of the bracelet.

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