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HOW do Fenichka named

How to Fenichka named

Baubles - is original handmade jewelry from threads that have become popular in the days of the hippies.

They are often referred to as a friendship bracelet.

Baubles decided to give loved ones, and what could be better than nominal gifts.

You will need

  • - Thread floss 2 colors-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - skotch-
  • - Weaving scheme.



Make Baubles weaving scheme with the name. Take an ordinary sheet of paper in the box and draw drawing future Baubles, where one cell will correspond to 1 square knots. If you do not know how to draw a schematic letters, use the template.


Pick up the thread floss two contrasting colorsor two shades of the same color (dark and light). Cut the required number of threads for the base, for example 8, and one working thread of contrasting color.


floss length depends on the desired value Baubles. Multiply the length of the bracelet by 4. For example, if you need to weave decoration length of 15 cm, then multiply that number by 4, it turns out that the necessary yarn length of 60 cm. But experienced handy advised not to cut the thread and weave skeins of floss whole and cut at the end of work.


Put the thread vertically next to each other. Working thread on the left. Attach them to the table with a piece of adhesive tape. Step back from the edge of 8-10 cm, depending on the desired length of bracelet straps, and start braiding. Tie all the strings in a knot. Arrange as you did before. Begin to weave background straight weave.


Tie double knots left the working thread. Then, the same thread go in the opposite direction right looped knots, and so on, until the weave to the first letter according to your scheme.


Then braid Fenichka named under the scheme. Working for the background thread to make the necessary number of knots to the letter. Then take the next warp thread and change places with her work, now it will work.


Tie a knot it, but in the oppositeweaving direction, that is, if you wove background from left to right, bundles of letters will need to weave from right to left and vice versa. To letters of the name did not merge, whipping between 2 rows background baubles.


Weave a direct weave the required lengthBaubles. Tie all the strings in a knot. Divide the tips of both sides into 3 equal parts, ordinary braid pigtail and tie all the threads together once in a single node on each side of Baubles.

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