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HOW to make peeling face at home

How to make peeling face at home

Face Peeling - exfoliation procedure in which the process removes dead skin cells, thereby updates the epithelial layer.

The complexion is also improved, the skin begins to breathe and shine with a healthy shine. To conduct such a procedure can be at home and in beauty salons.

Of course, the funds that are used in salons do not compare with home, but also from the effects of improvised too.



Use a scrub for deep skin cleaning. Choose a fruit acids and abrasive particles. Note abrasive should be approximately the same shape and without sharp chips. Faulty scrub can damage the integrity of the skin and cause irritation. Apply the product to wet skin massage in a circular motion, then rinse with warm water. Do not forget about nourishing cream after the procedure.


The cookbook can be used as a peelingsalt. Take only the fine grinding and in a similar manner, clean face. You can add salt in the liquid soap or cleansing gel for washing. Do not abuse this way cleaning, the skin can become dry and tightened.


Soda suit owners of dry skin type,also for people suffering from allergies and peeling. Soda, use twice a week, apply on wet face, massage and rinse. By the way, salt and baking soda can be mixed and clean face.


If you have a bone or shell fruitnuts, grind it in a coffee grinder. Mix with a face cream, gel or other cosmetic material and clean the face. This version is more like a regular scrub that abundantly adorned the shelves, except that it is much more profitable. Make sure that abrasive turned out fine.

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