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How to make face peeling at home


How to make face peeling at home</a>

Face peeling is an exfoliating procedure, during which the dead skin cells are removed, due to which the epithelial layer is renewed.

The complexion also improves, the skin begins to breathe and shine in a healthy glow. You can carry out this procedure at home and in beauty parlors.

Of course, those funds that are used in the salons do not compare with the home, but also from the improvised effect is also there.



Use a scrub for deep cleansing of the skin. Choose with fruit acids and abrasive particles. Note that the abrasive should be approximately one shape and without sharp chipping. A poor-quality scrub can damage the integrity of the skin and cause irritation. Apply the product to the wet skin with massaging circular motions, then rinse with warm water. Do not forget about the nourishing cream after the procedure.


As a peeling you can use a cookerysalt. Take only the finest grinding and in the same way clean your face. You can add salt to a liquid soap or cleansing gel for washing. Do not abuse this way of cleaning, the skin can become dry and tight.


Soda suitable for owners of dry skin type, andAlso to people suffering from allergic reactions and peeling. Soda is used twice a week, applied to a damp face, massage and rinse. By the way, salt and soda can mix and clean the face.


If you have bones from fruit or shellNuts, grind it in a coffee grinder. Mix with a face cream, gel or other cosmetic substance and cleanse the face. This option is more like an ordinary scrub, which flaunts in abundance on the shelves of stores, except that it is much more profitable. Make sure that the abrasive is small.

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