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How to make an extension cord


How to make an extension cord</a>

Extension piece? A thing irreplaceable, both in the household and in repair. Often there is a need for some work to connect the grinder to cut something, or connect a drill and drill a few holes with it.

If the wire does not reach the socket, then the extension cord goes to work.



In stores, sea extensions for any color andTaste, ranging from hundreds to 500 rubles and even higher. The price of the extension cord depends on its length, the power it can withstand, from the manufacturer and from the design. But why go to the electrical store and spend money on a beautiful externally and quite ordinary inside extension cord, when it can be made yourself. And work will be no worse. You can, for example, make an extension cord from the electrode wire coil from a semi-automatic machine.


Make a hole in the coil for the wire, andWire pull a white polyvinyl chloride tube, which will act as an insulation. Pull the wire of the length you need to connect a pair of outlets. Attach the sockets to the dossier and connect the wires to them.


Sockets can be taken any. Although I prefer the old, with ceramic insides. Such inside will not be melted and contacts are spring-loaded. In this case, contact with the plug will be even more reliable. A small cut-out for sockets can be cut or cut from plywood. Connect the egg with the plywood with screws.


Connect the wire. Now you can rewind it. And we will end up with a compact 20-meter extension cable that can transmit power up to 3 kW. By the way, it is possible to take a wire with a cross section of 2.5 mm.


For safety, it is advisable to useWire ВВГ 2х2,5 mm2 in double insulation. It is a copper flexible wire in a double PVC jacket. When winding / unwinding the extension cable, be sure to disconnect it.

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