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How do elephants in love with his own hands

elephants with their hands

Make a pair of lovers elephants: Small girl and her faithful and loving friend Dinko. They live in a magical land, where there is goodness and love.

And yet, when we go to sleep, they come to us and to their barely noticeable wings bring sweet dreams.

Mini whispers in your ear the different wonderful stories, and Dinko protects our sleep and makes it strong, sweet and magical.

You will need: a balloon, scissors, paper, paste, breadboard knife and rubber gloves.

Inflate the balloon to the size of what youYou want to get elephants. The papier-mâché paste begin to balloon. Lepim ears and tail from the newspaper and paste. Lepim newspaper trunk. When it dries, gently glue and paste it to the newspaper elephants. Do not forget to sculpt the legs. Then again the sizing of all the elephant in several layers of newspaper and glue. When the elephant finally dries (it is 6-12 hours), we begin to paint it with acrylic paint. First stained primary colors: pink and blue, and then paint all the little details.

For the elephant, girls can do morewonderful cute bow also made in papier-mâché. When the elephant paint dries, cover it with varnish to acrylic, the color is not dimmed, and work for a long time retained their color and brightness.

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