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How do electrical rails in minecraft

How to make electrical rails in minecraft

Rail transport can significantly reduce the time of movement in the Minecraft world. To increase the speed of movement, the common rail and the trolley is not enough.

You will be able to move on track, but very slowly.

The main accelerator in the game are the power rails, but their production is associated with a number of difficulties.



Gold bars. This is the main component of the electric rail. Since gold is difficult to obtain, electric rails are really valuable unit. You can go several ways: to destroy the zombie svinolyudey, joining the gold nuggets or gold ore refiner. The latter method is the simplest and most popular. To create six electric rails, you need to spend six gold bars.


Red Dust. To do this, you need to find a block of red ore and destroy it with a pickaxe. Generally, 4-5 drops of red dust units with one unit. It performs the role of a "wire" in the Minecraft world. For the production of the six units of electrical rails, you will need a red dust.


Stick. Get the easiest way to block. It is necessary to cut down a tree, make him a board, and already from the boards to get the stick. This is the only ingredient that is used for creating both simple and electric rails.


Creature. Along the edges must be placed gold bars in the center put a stick, and the bottom red dust. If you want to create multiple power rails, increase the amount of resources in a multiple number of times. In order to create the maximum number of rails of the available resources, you must hold down the Shift key and click on the window craft.


Acceleration. If you just set the power rails next to the conventional, they will give the opposite effect: the trolley will start to slow down. To avoid this, you will need a pressure plate or a red flare. They activate the electric rails, allowing the trolley to pick up speed. However, it will still fall over time.


To maintain throughout the speedway power rails must be constantly alternated with the usual. Depending on the situation, the proportion may vary. Best option - 1 electric rail 25 normal.

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