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How to make a boring pony tail


How to make a boring pony tail</a>

For a long time the pony tail does not go out of fashion.

Yes, probably, and will not work.

After all, it is universal like no other hair.

It is suitable for every day, and for sports activities, and is allowed in offices, and even its evening version, decorated in a special way, is even possible.

In cases where there is no time to wash his head, he rescued you, certainly not once. Especially if the hair is prone to fat.

It is easy to diversify depending on the case.

Here is one of hundreds of options that is quite simple to do at home yourself.

You will need

  • Invisible
  • Soft hair band
  • Hair iron
  • Favorite accessories



It is desirable before this slightly curl hair ironing. Next - divide all the hair into two parts with the help of a horizontal parting.


Now take the bottom zone and wrap it aroundUpper, counter-clockwise. Twist the hair from the bottom of the head into a bundle while wrapping. For convenience, you can first fix the upper tail, and then wrap around the rest of his hair.


The result is two turns of the lower part around the top. Secure the bundle with invisible objects. Scrunch the finished hair with a varnish.

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