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HOW to make in the bath drain

How to make a bath in the sink

During the construction of the bath is necessary to provide waste water.

If all build in accordance with building codes, then alter in the future do not have to.

Availability of reliable discharge will protect the wooden structures and the foundation of the destruction, odor and appearance of the fungus.



Downspouts need to lay in the construction offoundation pass in its lower part with an inclination to the drain hole. With a sufficient inclination of the drain pipe of its additional insulation is not necessary to do.


Drain hole dig at a distance of 3-5 meters from thefoundation. Its edges should be protected against collapse. To do this, put a ring of reinforced concrete or formwork and pour concrete. The bottom of the pit is left free for the water to infiltrate. Top Set a sturdy slab with a hole for evacuation.


Drain pipe sewer spend without joints and bends. This will prevent it clogging thereafter.


From the bath in the direction of the hole Dig a trench withtilt toward the pit. Install pipe. It can be warm with the help of thermal insulation, but if you have done enough slope, the insulation works are not required.


Inside bath Grout inclined floor around the perimeter towards the drain pipe.


On the drain hole, you can set the grid to avoid clogging.


On top lay a cement floor tile.


Fabricate a removable wooden lattice and the bedthem on the tiles. You do not need to make any floor. Grids are installed in order to avoid stepping on the hot tiles. They can at any time withdraw, treat with antiseptic and dry, and the destruction of easily replaced with new ones without spending are necessary when replacing the floor.


In addition to insulate the floor nonecessary. Filled with concrete and laid tile will prevent cold air to penetrate, and when the room would drown, the tiles will be great to warm quickly.

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