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How to make decoupage on canvas


How to make decoupage on canvas</a>

Owning the technique of decoupage, you can create unique pictures for decorating the interior of your apartment or a country house.

If you do decoupage on canvas, you can imitate a painting.

You will need

  • - decoupage map
  • - decoupage napkin
  • - canvas
  • - PVA glue
  • - acrylic lacquer
  • - acrylic paints
  • - contours
  • - water
  • - Brushes



In order to make decoupage on canvas, weYou will need a decoupage napkin or decoupage map and canvas. This is a primed fabric that is sold on cardboard or on a stretcher. Both these variants come in different sizes. Depending on what we will use for decoupage - a decoupage map or napkin, we will select the size of the canvas.


If we use a rice decoupage map,We will work in the following order. First, carefully cut off the edge of the decoupage map, then put it into the water for a few minutes. Doing decoupage on canvas, it can not be suppressed in the water, since the rice card is very thin and can break from water. Then we put it on the canvas and apply PVA glue on top, diluted with half water. You can step back from the edge a few centimeters to make an imitation passepartout. Cotton napkin gently press the card to the canvas and wait for complete drying. After applying acrylic lacquer, acrylic paints and contours emphasize the colors. The contour can be applied with a dry, flat brush. Finished decoupage on canvas is covered with several layers of acrylic lacquer.


If we use a napkin for decoupage,We work in the following order. From the napkin we separate the uppermost layer, with which we will work. On the canvas, pour a little glue with water. We put the napkin on top and straightened the folds, glued to the canvas. Decoupage on canvas is easier to do than on a tree or on a plate. Further we act, as well as at work with a decoupage map. Apply the acrylic lacquer, then do the painting with acrylic paints and again apply the varnish layers. Do not forget, after every application of paint or varnish completely dry the layer before proceeding to the next stage of work.

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