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HOW do decoupage boxes?

How to decoupage boxes?

Decoupage - simple and at the same time spectacular decoration technique in the style of "hand-made", based on the application.

Due to the thin layers of paper neatlyadhere to the surface and covered by several layers of varnish, decoupage technique perfectly imitates painting. The advantage of decoupage is that this art can master any people without any artistic training and without any extra costs.

A little patience and accuracy, and your product will look like they were bought at the gift shop.

You will need

  • PVA glue, a set of brushes, decoupage card or thin cloth, plastic file or transparent cover for notebooks, acrylic paint, acrylic lacquer box.



Put decoupage card or normal tissuedrawing down on the smoothed plastic file, moistened with a solution of 50% PVA glue. Then smoothes it all a big soft brush to release air bubbles. It is necessary to glue the napkin on the product carefully and evenly. The file serves as a wrapper, which we then carefully remove.


Prepare the surface. Wooden box can be pre-sanded soft sandpaper, if necessary. Effectively will look background, prepared specifically for the picture. For the background, it is best to use acrylic paint, which can be purchased at any art store.


Putting a pattern along with the file atsmoothes the surface of the box and a large soft brush. Figure should be evenly distributed on the surface of the box. Make sure that between the surface and the pattern was not wrinkles and bubbles.


Carefully remove the wrapper. To remove the file you need to slowly, adjusting the picture in the right places. Once you cope with this problem, leave the product to dry for a while. To be safe, you can fix the image, missed it again with glue.


Make any changes as desired. You might want to make a smooth transition between the picture and the background. Use the same acrylic paints, which are used to create the background.


Now your job is almost ready: it remains only to cover it with paint. Apply each layer carefully dried beforehand previous. Each layer must be dried for a few hours, but can be used for this dryer. The finished work should be left to dry overnight.

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