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How to make decoupage caskets?


How to make decoupage caskets?</a>

Decoupage is a simple and simultaneously effective decoration technique in the style of "hand-made", based on the application.

Due to the fact that thin layers of paper are neatGlued to the surface and covered with several layers of varnish, the technique of decoupage perfectly imitates the painting. The advantage of decoupage is that any person can master this art without any artistic preparation and without any special expenses.

A little neatness and patience, and your products will look as if they were bought in a souvenir shop.

You will need

  • PVA glue, a set of brushes, a decoupage map or a thin napkin, a polyethylene file or a transparent cover for a notebook, acrylic paints, acrylic lacquer, a box.



We put a decoupage card or a regular napkinBy drawing down on the smoothed polyethylene file, we moisten with 50% solution of PVA glue. Then smooth it all with a large soft brush to release air bubbles. This is necessary in order to glue the napkin on the product neatly and evenly. The file acts as a wrapper, which we then carefully take off.


Preparing the surface. The wooden box can be preliminarily sanded with soft sandpaper, if necessary. Effectively look the background, prepared specifically for the picture. For the background, it's best to use acrylic paints that can be bought at any art store.


Attach a picture with the file toThe surface of the box and smooth with a large soft brush. The pattern should be evenly distributed on the surface of the box. Make sure that there are no folds or bubbles between the surface and the pattern.


Carefully remove the wrapper. Remove the file slowly, correcting the picture in the right places. After you have coped with this task, leave the product to dry for a while. For reliability, you can fix the picture by spreading it again with glue.


Make the necessary changes at will. You may want to make a smooth transition between the picture and the background. Use for this purpose the same acrylic paints used to create the background.


Now your work is almost ready: It remains only to cover it with varnish. Apply each layer gently, after drying the previous one. Each layer must be dried for several hours, but you can use a hairdryer for this purpose. Ready work should be left to dry for the night.

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