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How do decor eggs in vintage style

Vintage decoupage eggs

Egg decorated with vintage style will delight in your loved ones. Usual artifact looks like an expensive souvenir.

Materials required for its production is not much, but the patient will have to stock up for a few hours.

You will need

  • - eggs
  • - Acrylic paint in a tube
  • - Simple pencil
  • - Miniature drill
  • - brush
  • - PVA glue
  • - White paint
  • - Elements for decor



Of the eggs, remove the content by doing smallholes. Shell, rinse and drain. On the surface of the egg with a simple pencil picture a pattern or picture. On the contour, do a few holes using a miniature drill.


Contour drawing circle acrylic paint so that the image looks volume. Acrylic paint can be replaced by other species. The main thing is that the composition dries quickly and there was a thick consistency.


The colors of acrylic paint, you can choose any. To create the effect of antiquity, you can use a little trick. Apply pattern with black acrylic paint, then cover the entire surface of the egg white primer, allow to fully dry and with the help of sandpaper in several places erase primer to show the lower layer of black paint.


Further actions are totally dependent on yourfantasy. Eggs can paint several colors, draw additional images, decorate with beads or applications, or use stickers.

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