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How to Make Cuff Morning breeze


How to Make Cuff Morning breeze</a>

Cuffs allow each woman to create a stylish, unusual and attractive image.

You will need

  • - copper wire (1 mm thick) -
  • - chains (0.8 mm and 0.30 mm) -
  • - rings-
  • - 4 suspension-
  • - beads-
  • - pins-
  • - pliers-
  • - round pliers-
  • - ruler-
  • - cutting pliers-



Cut the wire 17 cm long and bend itShape of the ear, so that the long end remains at the bottom of the workpiece. Then round off the top in the form of a small spiral, and in the lower part of the workpiece, twist a larger spiral.


Cut 18 cm of wire (0.8 mm thick) and twist one end into a spiral. Then round off the pliers at a distance of 1.5-2 cm to make a ring for attaching the hangers. Then make close and the second ring.


Make 7 rings on the workpiece. Round the small spiral on the long end of the workpiece. Attach the workpiece to the cuff base with a thin wire.


Wrap the base of the cuff, put a bead on a thin wire, and make 2 dense skeins on the bottom curl.


Pull back the thin wire through the bead, fastening on the base.
Prepare 7 chains in length from 8-11 cm and use rings to attach to the cuff, to separate the chains through one.


Connect 3 chains with a ringlet and hook them to the spiral on the back of the cuff.
Make ornaments on chains of pendants, beads and pins.

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