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HOW do Cuff Morning breeze

How to Make Cuff Morning breeze

Kaffa allow every woman to create a stylish, unusual and attractive way.

You will need

  • - Copper wire (1 mm thick) -
  • - Chain (0.8 mm and 0.30 mm) -
  • - kolechki-
  • - 4 podveski-
  • - beads-
  • - shtifty-
  • - ploskogubtsy-
  • - kruglogubtsy-
  • - lineyka-
  • - kusachki-



Cut 17 cm long and bend the wire atform of an ear, so that the long end of the bottom left portion of the preform. Then round top as a small spiral and the bottom of the spiral twist billets greater magnitude.


Cut a 18 cm wire (0.8 mm thick) and screw in one end of the spiral. Next Round at a distance of 1.5-2 cm to make a ring for attaching the suspension. Then make a close and the second ring.


Make the workpiece 7 rings. Fillet small helix at the long end of the workpiece. Cuff strapped to the substrate via a thin wire to the workpiece hangers.


Wrap Cuff basis, to put on a thin wire bead, and at the bottom to make a curl 2 tight skein.


Pull back the thin wire through the bead, securing through.
7 Prepare chain length of 8-11 cm and attached to the rings via Cuff, divided through one chain.


Connect 3 rings and chains them to pick up the spiral on the back of Kaffa.
Make decorations on the chain of pendants, beads and pins.

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