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How to make crafts with their hands

Today is a very popular items and gifts made with their own hands.

The shops have a wide selection of ready sets for creativity, but it's nice to come up and find the items for crafts yourself.

For example, an old tin can turn into a sea pencil holders.

You will need

  • - Empty the jar,
  • - Plasticine desired color,
  • - Shells, pieces of glass, pebbles, colored sand
  • - lacquer



Take any empty jar. This may be a tin of canned food, cans of coffee or glass containers with unusual shapes. The main criterion for selection - the ability to put in a jar of pencils.


Pick the color of the clay pebbles or seashells. A layer of uniform thickness, apply clay to the entire surface of the cans. The layer should be very thin. This is the basis for sticking shells.


If you have a large shell, the bank previously zadekoriruyte sand to clay was not gaps. To do this, sprinkle sand on the paper and gently roll it to the bank on it.


Pick seashells, pebbles and pieces of glass,polished by the sea. If there is no shell, you can use the flat stones of different colors. Carefully place them on a layer of plasticine, lightly pressing it to the bank. You can lay out a kind of mosaic of shells or child's name.


After all the major parts closed surface of the banks can be small stones, or colored sand to fill in the gaps.


The finished product coat varnish. This will prevent your pencil holders from moisture and will not be scattered mosaic. To clear application, you can use a brush or sponge. Work with the best paint in a well-ventilated room or outdoors.


Leave pencil holders to complete drying varnish. A few days later the smell of varnish wear off, and you can give it, or put on your desktop a baby.

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