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HOW to make prints on paper

HOW do crafts volume of paper and cardboard?

From the paper can be made not only a doll but also a real furniture

Paper and board - perhaps the most accessible material for handicrafts.

In stores you can buy a wide variety of paper grades, including self-adhesive and you can make out of it a lot, from the greeting card to the real home.

Volume toys and decorations you can tinkering with the child.

New Year's ball

Bulk Christmas ball can be done in severalways. There is a very simple option when manufacturing crafts takes a few minutes. For such a ball you need to thin opaque colored paper, a compass or a bank with a round bottom, scissors, glue and thread.

The preferred first paper cut into squaresapproximately the same size. You can take and colored office paper - it is usually sold in batches A5 or A6. Fold the squares stack. To leaflets not broke, you can hold them in one or two corners of the paper clips.

The top sheet, draw a circle, and thenCut circles from all the sheets at once. Each circle bend in half. Put next to the wrong side up two blanks. Spread glue the right half of the circle and glue it left the second half. Then, the right half of the second round sticks left third, etc.

Before you attach the last lap,stick to the folds of the thread, folded her loop. Allow the ball to dry, then flatten the folds in and hang on the Christmas tree. This toy can be one-color or multi-color. It will be interesting to look the ball if each workpiece to decorate a large applique.

In this way, you can do not only surround the ball, but the cone does not only need to cut circles and equilateral triangles for him.

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Furniture doll corner

Paper - a wonderful material for doll furniture. You will need:
- Paper and cardboard
- PVA glue-
- A sharp knife-
- Self-adhesive film or bumaga-
- Latex kraska-
- guash-
- Lacquer.

Any piece of furniture can be represented asa combination of several planes. For example, for a table, you will need 2 square and a rectangle for a sofa - 2 identical rectangle and 2 of the same square for the chair - 4 equal squares, for the chair - 2 square and a rectangle. In all cases the short side of the rectangle to be equal to the side of a square.

Make templates for each plane, and then frompaper or board cut the workpiece. Blanks should be much thinner than the paper - so there will be more. The procedure for manufacturing the couch doll is as follows. For example, cut to 20 pieces for each plane. Glue the boxes together, intended for the seat and back - for each part will go to 10 pieces. Coat with PVA glue the entire surface.

Similarly, make a back - in this case,square. Collect sofa, glued to the side of the backrest. It is best to arrange them at right angles to each other. Glue the armrests. Give your product to dry, and then tape the paper to the adhesive layer. You can arrange the sofa and otherwise - to cover its water-based paint, paint in gouache and varnish on top.

If you are using paint, choose those that are harmless to the child.

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Jewellery for little fashionista

Your little daughter sure will pleasepaper beads. Make them very easy. Take the cover of a glossy magazine. Raschertite it into strips 1 cm wide. Each strip raschertite even diagonally. Cut the workpiece, which are right-angled triangles with a very long, the leg, and the other - very short.

Take one such strip, lubricate it withthe reverse side with adhesive, and then to twist the tube tightly, starting from the side of the size of 1 cm. Acute angle should be on. Allow the tube to dry. In the same way do the rest of the beads, and then nanizhite them on a string. The beads may be coated with varnish.

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