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The basis of the engine of the locomotive is a steam boiler

Par saw everything. It turns out, if we put, for example, plate makers and bring it to a boil.

The water will evaporate and gurgling out of the kettle through the spout or even cover. But how to operate a variety of devices, which is the driving force of steam?

The basis of any of the steam engine is the steam boiler, which is for the experiment can be done yourself.

You will need

  • 2 cans
  • Shears for metal
  • Copper tube heat exchanger of the refrigerator
  • The rubber tube
  • Iron wire
  • Wooden wand
  • Soldering
  • Kerner, or any other metal rod
  • Primus or gas burner
  • Compass
  • Chisel
  • Knitting needle



Wash jars, removing labels and residuescontent. Banks desirable to degrease, this approach soapy water. On the other side, with which the bank has been opened, remove the side of the rim. Cut so that the two banks. At the bottom of one of the cans at a distance of 2-2.5 cm from the edge, make a hole diameter of about 5 mm approximately. Hole size should match the diameter of the tube domestic refrigerator.


Take a piece of pipe. Cut a piece of 10 cm in length. Slightly flare it at one end so that the tube is inserted into the hole, did not pass on expanding. Carefully obludite edge of the hole and the flared end of the tube. Pass the tube from the inside to the outside banks and solder it so that its end protrudes.


Insert one bank to another, so thatformed box with a copper pipe exiting out. Solder the banks to each other on the edge, to get an airtight pot. You can strengthen the boiler, soldered on the envelope sheet strips 4-6.


Through the opening of the tube pour in the water boiler is notless than 2/3 of its volume. At the end of the copper tube wear rubber tube. On the other end of the rubber tubing attach the nozzle. It is a piece of copper pipe, zaplyuschenny from the outlet end to form an aperture in the 1-1.5 mm. This small hole pairs will go out. For the strength of the rubber tube strapped to the outside of the nozzle to receive a few turns of 1 mm iron wire. The same wire fix wooden handle - rod length of 30-40 cm, through which steam is sent Struga. The resulting steam boiler can be put on a gas burner or a kerosene stove. Wait until the water boils and the nozzle will also receive pairs.


On this basis, the steam boiler can be madeturbine. Take a circular piece of sheet metal with a diameter of 10 cm. Find the center. From the same center Draw the circle with a diameter twice the diameter of the smaller turbine, that is, in this case 5 cm. Divide the circle into two parts 12 and draw from the center point through the radii of both circles. Scissors on metal make cuts to these radii from one circle to another. Each of the 12 pieces, divide in half and place the point. Chisel cut through the segments from the slot to the marked center of the blade. Bend each blade along the marked line at an angle of approximately 45 ° to the disk surface, all in one direction. Punch a hole in the center so that it can be inserted into a knitting needle. This will be the axis of the turbine. Drive axle and solder. Take 2 pieces of wood height slightly greater than the radius of the turbine. Drill holes in them and insert the turbine axis. Place the design on the table. Place the steam boiler and a turbine so that the jet of steam turbine was in the plane of the disk, and direct the steam jet on the blades. By varying the distance and the angle of the nozzle relative to the disc and blades Observe operation of the steam turbine.

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