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HOW do Coupe

How to make a coupe

Wardrobe long enjoyed massive popularitythanks to its unique qualities? it saves space in your home due to its compactness and embeddedness, it is versatile and can serve as storage space for anything? from home appliances and tools to clothing and footwear.

Wardrobe, ordered at a specialized firm, rather expensive, but the design is not too complex.

In this article, we will consider the order of manufacturing a small closet with his own hands.



Parts and accessories for shkafov-compartment sold in specialized stores. Materials for covering (laminated chipboard, MDF panels or furniture panels) you can buy in any supermarket building.


To start think over, where there will be a wardrobe,and what he will have the structure and layout. Only then start to measure the selected section of the wall. In accordance with the size of the wall to determine how many sliding doors should be in the closet? one, two, three or four.


Prepare materials and drank from their jigsaw door panels of the cabinet. On the lower door sides fix aluminum profiles and mark them, departing from the bottom 5 cm.


Then lower profile fix screws with hexagon socket, and then attach the upper aluminum profile and set it special rollers. Clips fasten hex screws.


After that, the lower profiles reinforce lowerrolls and screws and secure them by tightening them so that the screws are fully included in the profile. The degree of tightening screws of the lower rollers adjusts the position of the door relative to the cabinet. On the side edges of the door, set the rubber seals.


Now screw the ceiling guide profile, which will be attached to the upper profiles of the rollers.


Place the door vertically and set the firstupper rollers in the guide, and then the lower rollers into the bottom guide profile. Only after the lower door guide profile adjusted in the space to fasten the lower profile of the floor.

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