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How to make a cot


How to make a cot</a>

The clamshell? The thing is irreplaceable.

But it's not always convenient to rest on a regular cot.

Therefore, summer residents and tourists strive to improve the standard design.

Vladimir Ishchenko designed a cot, which can also be used as an armchair with armrests, a roof and a table.

You will need

  • Old cot, plywood, hacksaw, tarpaulin, drill, scissors, file, felt-tip pen, sand, wooden plugs, colorless varnish, duralumin pipes, screws.



First of all, make a clamshell drawing inIn accordance with the above figure and clearly indicate the dimensions you need. Prepare those parts of the old clamshell, from which some new parts will be made. So, a broken clamshell will give your design a back and front legs, a leg-shelf, as well as struts and lining. Armrest, the roof, transforming into a table, as well as the backrest, combs, thrusts and fasteners will have to be made by yourself.

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Saw out a 6 mm preform forRoof-table. Treat the edges with a file so that they are not uneven. Then sand the surface with medium-sized sandpaper. Drill holes for fastening and cover the workpiece with several layers of clear varnish.

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Now you can proceed to the armrests and back. They are made of duralumin pipes. For armrests, simply cut off pieces of tubes of the required length. After all, they will be direct. The back should be bent in two places. Cut off the required portion of the tube. To the tube does not crack, it must be corked from one end, then fill with sand and cover with a second stopper. Now you can bend the tube the way you want. Collect Cot, Having fastened details with screws.

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