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How to make a cot

How to make a cot

Clamshell? irreplaceable thing.

But on a normal cot is not always convenient to rest.

Therefore, gardeners and tourists seeking to improve the standard design.

Vladimir Ishchenko constructed cot, which can be used also as a chair with armrests, roof and table.

You will need

  • Old clamshell, plywood, hacksaw, canvas, drill, scissors, file, pen, sand, wood cork, clear coat, duralumin tube screws.



First of all, make a drawing in the clamshellaccording to the sketch and clearly label the dimensions you need. Prepare the parts of an old cot, which will be made of some of the details of the new. For example, a broken clamshell design will give your back and front legs, leg-shelf, as well as spacers and plates. Mats, roof, is transformed into a table, as well as the back, comb, pivot bearings and fasteners have to make themselves.

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Saw 6 mm plywood template forroof-table. Treat the edges with a file so that they are not irregular. Then smooth out the surface with sandpaper of medium size. Drill holes for the mounting and cover with several layers of the workpiece clearcoat.

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Now we can proceed to the armrests and backrest. These tubes are made of duralumin. For the armrests just cut pieces of tubes of desired length. After all, they are straight. The backrest should be bent in two places. Cut the desired portion of the tube. To the tube is not cracked, it must be from one end of the cork stopper, then fill with sand, and then close the second plug. Now it is possible to bend the tube as you need. Gather clamshell, Fastened with screws details.

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