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How to make a cosmetic repair in the room



Cosmetic repair involves an easyRenovation of interior with finishing materials. Replacement or modification of structural and planning elements of the dwelling, as well as of power supply, heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems - does not imply.

Replacement of window and door blocks - maybe.

But, keep in mind: the more you replace, the closer you are to real, great repair.

Draw a sketch of the room

This important stage will help to form the main idea of ​​the interior and draw up a detailed action plan.
Do not be scared: If you do not know the computer program for building 3D images, just print out the photo of the room and apply the tracing paper. Armed with pencils and felt-tip pens, select the color and texture of walls and ceiling, experiment with different shades. Do you want to get a cold room in color or warm? Bright or muffled? Homogeneous or motley? Determine whether there will be ornaments in the room, estimate their scale, nature and rhythm.
Perhaps at this stage, you will want to doA small rearrangement of furniture, pick up new curtains or covers for furniture. The sketch will help to understand where to add accent, having bought a floor lamp, an armchair or a carpet, and where - to dilute monotony with a poster or a bookshelf.

Prepare a room for cosmetic repairs

Bring out all the furniture or slide into the center of the room and cover with a film.
Prepare for painting or papering allRepaired surfaces. Ceilings and walls are cleaned of old wallpaper, previously moistened with a spatula. If necessary, also remove the old paint with a spatula. Identify the cracks, unevennesses and dents. Prime the surfaces.
Remember that the coloring is necessary especiallyCarefully prepare the surfaces. It may be necessary to apply the filler more than once, and in the end - it is necessary to sand it with sandpaper (dry method) or sponge (wet method).
If the ceiling and walls are supposed to be updatedPlasterboard, plywood, plastic panels or other overlaid elements, it is enough to make sure that the surfaces clearly converge at right angles and do not require careful alignment using the level and rule.
Remove the decorative frame from the sockets, remove the plinth. Window, door leafs and window sill sand with sandpaper, if necessary zashpaklyuchayte and primnutuyte.

Act boldly!

• Repair the surfaces in accordance with the sketch.
Ceiling and walls paint rollerWater-emulsion or acrylic paints. For the application of decorative plasters use special formulations. First, practice, look for a pattern, nabeyte hand - this is a difficult kind of finish!
Wallpaper start to glue from the corner, watchingCoincidence of the figure. Be sure to cut the cloth a little longer, because Room parameters may have errors. Give vent to your imagination! Try using also stencils, interior stickers, various combinations of textures, collages.
When finishing a room with panels, calculate their number in advance and draw a layout plan. Glue all materials with special glue recommended by the manufacturer.
Absence of a ceiling skirting is considered chic. If your qualifications are not enough to smoothly adjust the wallpaper - close the joints.
; Cosmetic repair does not involve the replacement of floors, so you can upgrade only parquet floors, cleaning them and varnishing. But replace the plinth with a new one - it's necessary!
Doors, windows and window sills, if necessary, paint. Doors can also be covered with a bright film, ornaments. Do not forget to paint and heaters! Or, close them with decorative bars.

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