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AS do camber

How to collapse

The front wheel drive vehicle are arranged at right angles relative to each other, which are called convergence and collapse.

This provides him a good handling on the road, so it is important to make their adjustment.



Perform alignments is realistic in terms of the garage. This will require a monofilament yarn and a simple tool to adjust.
In order to make the camber and toethe front axle, the car set the front wheels on a specially prepared site support. It is important to note that the load on both wheels must be distributed evenly. The first thing we do collapse. It is carried out by turning the struts. To measure the deviation of the collapse of the nominal value must be taken Nylon thread, to attach to it a small weight and place the resulting plummet in such a way that it passes along the axis of the wheel rim. Measure the distance from the filament to the rim at the top and bottom of its points, and then calculate the difference. If it exceeds the maximum for your brand of car value, adjust it by adjusting the position of the rack with a special key. To control the result of re-adjustment to take measurements.


Convergence can be done in a similar manner. Making the thread tension of the rear wheel at the center wheels parallel to the floor. Likewise, measures the distance from the front and rear edges of the disc to the yarn. We analyze it and adjust the toe by changing the length of the track rod if necessary. Leather during the adjustment and the measurement should be in a central position, and it is desirable to fix. During the measurement should take into account the uncertainty that may arise due to the curvature of the wheel. For a more accurate measurement is recommended to turn the wheel, producing several dimensions in its different positions.


Make camber and toe-in is not so difficult, this procedure must prodelyvat regularly for prevention, as well as after replacing the front struts, silent blocks, seals, rods or levers.

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