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How to make chrysanthemum from paper


Chrysanthemum is best done from thin transparent paper</a>

Paper flowers - a popular element of decorating rooms, festive tables, carnival costumes.

To create a chrysanthemum, corrugated or floral paper is suitable.

You can use the most ordinary napkins, the benefit of their choice in the stores is quite large.

Paper chrysanthemum can be done in several ways.

You will need

  • - floral or corrugated paper-
  • - napkins-
  • - a piece of cardboard or ruler-
  • - scissors-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Green Scotch-
  • - thin flexible wire.



Cut out of corrugated or floral paperSeveral identical strips about 25x7 cm in size. A set of floral paper usually consists of separate sheets rolled up into a roll. In this case, you can not measure anything on the ruler, but simply fold the sheet along the length in half, then again in half, and then cut into strips.


Rectangles fold together and bend fromOne of the long edges of a strip of a width of 1.5-2 cm. This is best done on a ruler or strip of hard cardboard. Starting from the other edge, cut all the layers "accordion" to the fold line.


Fold the strips into a tight roll. That edge where there are no cuts, wind with green tape. Petals straighten. You can slightly twist them on a pencil. The flower can be planted on a wire, wrapped in green paper, and put in a paper vase. If you want to make a garland, make a few colors, pierce the stitches with a stitch, wrapped with tape, and pull a thin wire or strong thread into the holes.


Chrysanthemum can be made from several napkins. As a rule, they are sold folded fourfold. Fold together 2-3 wipes. They can be either absolutely identical or multi-colored. Combinations can also be any. Look good, for example, chrysanthemums of dark pink and light pink paper, but you can also take napkins of contrasting colors. The second option looks even more interesting. Cut the corners to make a circle. This can be done with conventional or figured scissors. Find the middle and fasten the layers with a pair of glue droplets or a conventional paper clip, which school books are usually stitched together.


Make a long circle around the long incisions, not reaching the center 2-2,5 cm. The width of the petals is approximately 0.7-1 cm. If they are made narrower, you will get an aster.


Fold the circle four times along the same lines asWhich was folded napkin. Then fold it in half again. Strongly squeeze the undigested part and wrap it with scotch tape. Flower spread and give it the right shape.


In the same way you can make chrysanthemums fromFoil. Strangely enough, most of all for such purposes is suitable food foil, rolled up into a roll. Without unfolding, with a sharp knife, cut the roll into two small ones, and then proceed as described in the description of the first flower.

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