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HOW do chrysanthemum paper

Chrysanthemum is best done from a thin transparent paper

Paper flowers - a popular element of space design, banquet tables, carnival costumes.

corrugated or flower paper suitable for the creation of a chrysanthemum.

You can also use the most ordinary cloth, good choice of a fairly large stores.

Paper chrysanthemum can be done in several ways.

You will need

  • - Floral or corrugated bumaga-
  • - salfetki-
  • - A piece of cardboard or lineyka-
  • - nozhnitsy-
  • - PVA glue-
  • - Green skotch-
  • - A thin, flexible wire.



Cut corrugated or flower paperseveral identical strips measuring about 25h7 cm. floral paper set normally consists of individual sheets, rolled into a roll. In this case, nothing has to measure on the line, and a folded sheet in half lengthwise and then in half again, and then cut into strips.


Rectangles fold together and fold fromone of the long edges of the strip width of 1.5-2 cm. This is best done with a ruler or strip of stiff cardboard. From the other end, make an incision all the layers of "accordion" to the fold line.


Fold the strip in the roll tight. That region, where there are no incisions, wrap green tape. The petals unfold. They can be a little twirl a pencil. The flower can be spread on the wire, wrapped in green paper and place in a paper bowl. If you want to make a garland, make several colors, with an awl pierce strips, wrapped with tape, and prodernite holes in a thin wire or strong thread.


Chrysanthemum can be made from several tissues. Usually, they are sold folded in four. Put together 2-3 wipes. They may be exactly the same, and colorful. Combinations may also be arbitrary. Well look, for example, of chrysanthemums dark pink and light pink paper, but you can pick up and wipes contrasting colors. The second option looks even more interesting. Cut the corners to get a circle. This can be done by conventional scissors or curly. Find the middle and fasten a pair of layers of glue droplets or regular paper clip, what usually crosslinked school notebooks.


Make circular cuts long before reaching the center of 2-2.5 cm. The width of the petals is about 0.7-1 cm. If they make it more narrow, get aster.


Fold the circle four times on the same lines, onwhich was folded napkin. Then fold it in half again. Strongly squeeze nenadrezannuyu part and Wrap it shut. Flower straighten and give it the desired shape.


Likewise it can be done from Chrysanthemumfoil. Oddly enough, the most suitable for such purposes food foil, rolled into a roll. Not turning, a sharp knife, cut the roll into two small, and then proceed as indicated in the description of the first flower.

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