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How do children's mask

Children's mask

Any children's party will become more vivid if we use an element in the suit as a mask.

Translated from the Latin word "mask" means "mask."

Of course, you can buy a modern mask, but do not forget that the child is happy to take part in the manufacture of masks.

You will need

  • Paper, scissors, glue, clay or balloon decoration material



make children mask not difficult. Start with simple masks that have the power to do, and your child. The simplest version of the children's mask - a half mask, which is made of cardboard or other dense, colored paper and covers only the upper part of the face. On paper, draw the shape of glasses that will fit your child and cut. It is also necessary to cut holes for eyes. The holes made on the edges is necessary to pass a gum. The finished floormask can be covered with glue and sprinkle glitter or chopped Christmas tinsel.


A more sophisticated version of the manufacture of children's maskspapier-mache. This mask will completely cover the baby's face. To frame the foundation for future mask requires an elastic material - clay. Even easier to use the inflated balloon.


Prepare the necessary mass of cut paper(You can use newspapers), mix it with glue (PVA, wallpaper). From plasticine make three-dimensional shape, which should be lubricated with petroleum jelly. Determine Eye slits place if necessary - for the nose, mouth. These sites masks cement the denser the paper.


Now apply the prepared pulpon the mask. Each layer is firmly pressed against the workpiece, to avoid wrinkles. It is necessary to impose 4-5 layers. For the first layer, use a heavier paper. And even better to alternate - a layer of thick paper, a layer of tissue paper. The top layer is made of white paper, it was convenient to paint mask. Allow to dry thoroughly, your product. Separate the dried out mask from the base. Trim the edges of the mask to the desired size and take on the edges of the slot for the ties.


Ready baby mask papier-mache can paint paint, gouache, paint fixing hairspray.
Then it all depends on your imagination. Additional elements to the mask (ears, whiskers, cap) allow you to create images of amusing characters and animals. After all, children are usually mask - it is always some favorite fairy-tale image of a child.

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