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How do cherry beer

How to make a cherry beer

Cherry beer is not very popular in Russia, but in his own country, Belgium, is the sort of alcoholic beverage like many.

He is respected for unusual taste, which is achieved by adding a rare cherry varieties.

Thanks to the Belgian chefs all over the world have triedcherry beer that is popular today. Later, it began to produce in the Czech Republic and Germany, but the taste of the product is somewhat different. Cherry beer - not a luxury drink, the cost is low. Just in the beverage is added to a special sort of cherries, which is known as Kriek. It is thanks to him the beer acquires burgundy hue and fruity taste. However, cherry beer can be cooked at home, only need to get the necessary ingredients and observe technologies.


To prepare the cherry beer at homeconditions require the following ingredients: 3.5 kg of cherry (variety irrelevant), 3 kg of sugar, 1 lemon, 100 g of cream of tartar, 60 g of coriander seed, 30 ml of honey, 20 liters of water and 20 g of brewer's yeast. Cherry cleaned of seeds is required, grind into a puree and pour 17 liters of water. In the remaining 3 liters will have to dissolve the sugar and cream of tartar. Then over low heat, this solution should be brought to a boil and cool condition.

beer cooking

Now you need to pour the syrup in preparedwooden tub with water-drenched cherry. Then there is added a well-fried beer yeast and coriander seeds, after which all the contents thoroughly mixed. Then the tub is put on 3 days in a warm place and covered with a cloth.
But that's not all, we must also remove the lemon zestand thoroughly grind it. Then this mass is added honey and everything is well mixed, almost until smooth. The resulting mixture should be brought to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. Once it is cool it must be added to the beer stand and the whole mass of 2 days.


After two days and drink should getstrain through cheesecloth. The screen in this case is not suitable, as it will be after a lot of sediment, which is not good for a beer. Ready drink need to bottle and cork lids tightly. After that he went to a cool place for fermentation. Two weeks later, cherry beer is ready to drink.
Undoubtedly, this will vary from productBelgian beverage that is brewed in these breweries, because there the recipe is completely different, and it has not been disclosed for several centuries. However, many prefer home-brewed beer, as it is to drink a little bit softer stores.

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