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How to make cherry beer


How to make cherry beer</a>

Cherry beer is not very popular in Russia, but in its homeland, in Belgium, this kind of this alcoholic drink is popular with many.

He is respected for the unusual taste, which is achieved by adding a rare variety of cherries.

Thanks to the Belgian chefs the whole world triedCherry beer, which is popular today. Later it was produced in the Czech Republic and Germany, but the taste of their product is somewhat different. Cherry beer is not an elite drink, its cost is low. Just in the composition of the drink is added a special kind of cherry, which is called Kriek. It is thanks to him that the beer acquires a burgundy shade and fruity taste. However, cherry beer can be prepared at home, you only need to get the necessary ingredients and observe the technology.


For making cherry beer in the homeConditions, the following ingredients will be required: 3.5 kg of cherry (the variety does not matter), 3 kg of sugar, 1 lemon, 100 g of tartar, 60 g of coriander seeds, 30 ml of honey, 20 l of water and 20 g of brewer's yeast. Cherries need to be cleaned of seeds, grinded in puree and pour 17 liters of water. In the remaining 3 liters you will need to dissolve sugar and tartar. After that, on a slow fire, this solution should be brought to the boiling point and cooled.

Beer Brewing

Now you need to pour the prepared syrup intoA wooden tub filled with cherry water. Then there are added well-roasted brewer's yeast and coriander seeds, after which all the contents are thoroughly mixed. Then the tub is put for 3 days in a warm place and covered with a napkin.
But that's not all, you still need to remove the lemon zestAnd crush it thoroughly. Then honey is added to this mass and everything is mixed well, practically to a homogeneous state. The resulting mixture should be brought to a boil and boil for 5 minutes. Once it has cooled it will need to be added to the beer and soak the whole mass 2 days.


After a lapse of two days, drink should be taken andStrain through gauze. Sieve in this case will not work, as after it will remain a lot of sediment, which is not very good for beer. Ready-made drink should be bottled and tightly closed with lids. After that, he goes to a cold place for fermentation. In two weeks cherry beer will be ready for use.
Undoubtedly, this product will differ fromBelgian drink, which is brewed in real breweries, because there the recipe is completely different, and it has not been disclosed for several centuries. However, many prefer home-made beer, because it is drunk slightly softer than the store.

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