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HOW do Cellar

How to make a cellar

Cellar called storage area for products, located below ground level at a normal depth of water table.

Its construction is possible, as under the building, and separately in the territory of the infield.

You will need

  • - lopata-
  • - Crowbar or pickaxe to loosen sloya- surface - gravel or brick chippings and bitumen
  • - Concrete or a brick
  • - Two pipes of 100 mm diameter for ventilation.



First of all, find out the depth of the groundwater. If the level of more than the intended cellar depth of about a meter? and a half, then we can start to work.


Dig a pit for the next cellar. The dimensions of the pit should be taken 0.6? More than 0.7 meters in each direction than the alleged cellar.


Make a base for the floor. To do this, tamp and pour a layer of gravel about 50 mm thick, soak it with hot bitumen. Top floor material is poured, in this case? gravel, a layer of about 20 cm and also compacted. Perhaps, instead of the use of clay gravel, followed by backfilling it brick crumbs.


Cellar walls erected, pre-prepared a small foundation. The thickness of brick masonry and concrete walls should be at least 25 cm, that is, the length of the brick. Concrete necessarily proarmiruyte.


The upper ceiling of the cellar in the roomis the last floor. Therefore, it is necessary to further insulate any way possible. In addition you need to make a hatch into the cellar of the same thickness as the floor.


To make the cellar right, it needsVentilation and air extraction. To do this, in different corners of one wall, print out and install pipe. Chimney should be higher than inflow. If unable to make such a device small exits to the outside in the basement of the building, with the cross section of the exhaust hole twice must be less than the supply.


Cellar ready. It remains to whitewash the walls and it can be used.

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