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How to Make Case

Covers are firmly in our lives, taking their places of honor on the chairs, chairs, car seats.

Increasingly, in the cases? Wrapped? phones, cameras and even laptops.

We are in this article will talk about how you can without too much trouble to make a removable cover for a favorite chair.

Making the necessary measurements seat of our chair, you can start carving patterns and their connection.



Let's start with the seat of our chair. Cut the cardboard template, apply it to a beautiful decorative tissue and added on each side of 1.5 cm. Then cut out for a border strip of fabric, which will take place all around the seat. Decorate a border edging, and to this we Cantu then sew the fabric, are meant for the chair seat. By the bottom of the curb, which is sewn to the shuttle, sew the second edge.


Now, cut the back of the chair for two piecesmatter with an allowance of 3-4 cm. We put the cloth back in his chair and fixed her wholemeal pins or tacks. To the fabric? Turned? on the back, cut it in a semicircle. On leave allowance from 1 to 5 cm. The lower part of our chair straighter top, so make fabric concertina, who will perform the role of small wrinkles. We will hide under the folds of a ribbon or ornament from under the cloth.


Cut a piece of fabric designed for the shuttle,into two parts. One for the back of our chairs and do a second equal in length to the sum of two sides and the front side-bar. We make allowance of 1.5 cm at the top and 3 cm? at the bottom for the edge. To attach the edge of the shuttle. Now do fold inwards at the level of the legs, so that we turned fold Dior. Fix the tuck pins. When in front of our chairs two folds Dior and the shuttle will be done, sew the frill to Kant, located on the curb in the near part. Make fitting. If needed, adjust the details, making the wider case or with his deep crease.

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