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How to Make a Carrying Case


How to Make a Carrying Case</a>

Covers tightly entered our life, taking their honorable seats on chairs, armchairs, car seats.

Increasingly in the covers? Telephones, cameras and even laptops.

We in this article will talk about how you can make a removable cover for your favorite chair without much hassle.

Having made the necessary measurements of the seat of our chair, it will be possible to proceed to cut out the patterns and their connection.



Let's start with the seat of our chair. Cut out the cardboard from the cardboard, apply it to a beautiful decorative fabric and add 1.5 cm on each side. Next, we cut out for the curb a strip of cloth that will pass around the entire sitting. We decorate the curb with edging, and to this edge we then sew the fabric intended for seating the chair. To the bottom of the curb, to which the shuttlecock will be sewn, we sew the second edge.


Now cut off for the back of the chair two piecesMatter with an allowance of 3-4 cm. Apply the cloth to the back of the chair and attach it with wallpaper pins or wallpaper nails. To turn the cloth on? On the back, cut it in a semicircle. We leave the allowance from 1 to 5 cm. The lower part of our chair is straighter than the top, so we'll make an accordion out of the fabric, which will act as a small crease. We hide the folds under the ribbon or under the decoration of the fabric.


Cut a piece of fabric, intended for shuttlecock,In two parts. One for the back of our chair, and the second we will make equal in length the sum of the two sides and the front of the king. Let's make an allowance of 1.5 cm at the top and 3 cm? At the bottom for the edge. To the edge we attach the shuttlecock. Now we make the crease inward at the level of the legs, so that we have a fold of Dior. We fix the fold with pins. When two folds of Dior and a shuttlecock are made in the front part of our chair, we will sew the shuttlecock to the edge that is on the curb in the near part of it. Let's do the fitting. If necessary, adjust the details, making a wider cover or laying a crease deeper.

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