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HOW do canines

Some make themselves fangs forever, some - at a party

Vampire theme occupies a leading position in the ranking of the movies, books and entertainment. Sharp fangs have become a symbol of immortality and popularity.

With their help, you can transform into a vampire on the theme parties, All Saints Day, or simply to amuse others.

Make teeth can be of the most common, available tools, you only need a little time and imagination.

You will need

  • - orange
  • - knife
  • - Shaped marmalade
  • - Plastic fork
  • - scotch
  • - chewing gum



These non-removable teeth on the upper teeth, the incisorsyou can make some dental clinics. This procedure is painful and expensive. In addition to individual testimony fangs you can not come.


To masquerade, Halloween or just entertainmentYou can make a time-clack nozzle on your teeth at home. One of the ways - from orange peel. Take half of the fruit, remove the pulp, peel and cut the middle in a zigzag manner with a sharp knife. Divide the resulting halves with triangular teeth and insert them into the white-side up in the mouth over the teeth.


Vampire fangs, which will be held in the mouth for several hours, can be made from a plastic fork. Break off a couple of teeth and Fit them in the mouth over his incisors on the gum or adhesive tape.


Look for canines in grocery stores on the shelves with chewing marmalade. However, marmalade usually done voluminous and therefore sticks out of his mouth. But a one-time showing of fangs enough.


Construct fangs of chewing gum orchewing marmalade. Purchase marmalade (sweet snow) can be slightly melted in the microwave and mix with powdered sugar: it will be plastic, it would be easy to give any form. In addition, still warm marmalade firmly stick to the teeth.

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