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How to make fangs


Some make themselves fangs forever, some for the party</a>

Vampire topics take a leading position in the rating of movies, books and entertainment. Sharp fangs became a symbol of popularity and immortality.

With their help you can reincarnate as a vampire on a themed party, All Saints Day, or simply amuse others.

You can make fangs from the most usual, improvised means, you need only a little time and imagination.

You will need

  • - orange
  • - a knife
  • - figured marmalade
  • - plastic fork
  • - Scotch tape
  • - chewing gum



Real non-removable fangs on upper teeth-incisorsYou can do in some dental clinics. This procedure is painful and not cheap. In addition, according to individual indications, fangs may not be suitable for you.


For masquerade, Halloween or just entertainmentYou can make temporary clicks-attachments to the teeth at home. One way is the orange peel. Take a half of this fruit, remove the flesh, and cut the crust in the middle in a zigzag-like sharp knife. Divide the resulting halves with triangular teeth and insert them with the white side up into the mouth, over the teeth.


Vampire fangs, which will hold in your mouth for several hours, can be made from a plastic fork. Break off a pair of teeth and put them in your mouth over your incisors for gum or tape.


Look for the fangs in grocery stores on the shelves with chewing marmalade. However, marmalade is usually made volumetric and therefore protrudes from the mouth. But there will be enough of such fangs for a single show.


Construct fangs from chewing gum orChewing marmalade. Purchased marmalade (sweet snow) can be melt in the microwave and blended with the powdered sugar: it will become plastic, it will be easy to give it any shape. In addition, even a warm marmalade will stick to your teeth.

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