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How to make Café

Sometimes it seems that in Moscow at every step you can have a snack in the cafe or bar.

But this is - in the city center. And in the sleeping areas cafes are still quite a bit, and a bit of a relatively small distance from the Garden Ring.

However, there is also enough of offices and agencies, employees of which 5 days a week requires a business lunch.

In addition, we have, as in Europe, there is a culture of eating outside the home: in the cafe go just like that, instead of lunch or dinner, buy a coffee in the morning.

How to make your cafe and earn on this?



The first question - is, of course, the choice ofspace. A good place to be found anywhere, including in the sleeping area. Unfortunately, we are still not popular cafes and bars near the house, which could be opened in the basement and ground floors of the same apartment buildings or office buildings in the yards. However, the option of opening a cafe near the metro station, as a rule, to be successful. It is necessary to make sure that your cafe offers customers food and beverages to take away, because it is very convenient to drop it in the morning before work and hastily eat a muffin or take a cup of espresso with them. In the evening, customers will come to you for dinner - many people, especially the young, living alone, prefer not to cook at home themselves, and a snack in the cafe.


The second question - this equipment. Cafes are different. If you focus mainly on the fast food, the equipment cost will be comparatively small, 10-12 thousand dollars. For all necessary equipment cafes "generalists" will need more funds. The value can be any. In addition, add the tables here and the cost of the design space. Do not skimp too much on design, rather, let it be inexpensive, but the original. In any case, your cafe should be a person. Client interested to go "just a cafe." Your coffee shop should be something different from the others and be cozy.

Creative design will attract attention


It is also important what you bet. If you have a coffee shop, your main product - coffee. If you are a coffee bar, then alcohol. Accordingly, the alcohol need a snack, something to beer, something - to cocktails. For coffee needed pastries and sandwiches. The menu should be harmonious, because it is, in fact, the basis of the cafe. Any creative design loses its value for the customer, who can not eat beer.


The most unpleasant - is, of course, paper. You will have to obtain the status of an individual entrepreneur or create a company, and then - to get permission to open a cafe from the authorities, a license to trade in alcohol, the approval of sanitary and epidemiological stations. Of course, also requires a lease premises. How easy it would be to get all the papers, it is difficult to say. Typically, it takes several months.


A simpler way to do cafe - Buyfranchise. Of course, this is not exactly your, special cafés, it would be another "Coffee House" and "Mu-Mu". But this method is easier, because when you buy a franchise you get the equipment that established contacts with suppliers, and thoughtful menu, usually located in the documentation of the procedure. In addition, the brand will provide enough unwound a steady flow of customers.

Recognizable brand will enable to make faster

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