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How to make a cactus of beads and sequins

Cactus of beads and sequins


You will need

  • - Beads of white, pink and green colors-
  • - Beading wire (diameter 0.3) -
  • - Monofilament thread or green colors-
  • - Needle biseropleteniya-
  • - Sequins zelenye-
  • - A piece of spun fabrics, well suited densest part nylon kolgotok-
  • - Padding polyester for stuffing osnovy-
  • - Tube of small diameter, it is possible to use the average of the gel Do it by yourself-
  • - Plaster (stucco) -
  • - Pot for cactus.



Making Cactus framework. Cut two pieces of fabric along the pattern with a seam allowance of 3mm. If a pattern change, it is possible to obtain a cactus or other form of another size.

Cactus Flower Production


Used French technique of weaving. Gaining the wire length 19 to 40 cm of pink beads, 9 white. From the white beads do a small loop so the beads do not slide off. On the other hand we do larger loop as shown in the diagram.

Cactus Flower Production


On the free end of the wire 16 beads recruitpink and 16 white (maybe you get more or less, because the beads are not always smooth). The working end of the wire with beads hold up along the right side (on the left as possible and, if it's more convenient) to the central axis. It is necessary that this series lies against the central. Working swing the wire once around the end of the wire with a small loop and dials the next number.

Cactus Flower Production


Gaining at the business end of the beads, as shown inFig. Just as in the preceding paragraph, holding ranks at the bottom, swing the wire around the working-wire legs. Because leaf ready swing the few times.

Cactus Flower Production


The end of the wire with a small loop cut off, leaving 4-5mm. This tip bends to the inside of the petal. It is necessary to make a 15 petals per flower.

Cactus Flower Production


Pestle do scheme.

Cactus Flower Production


For stamens wire can take a diameter of 2.5mm, the stamens have a lot of cactus, the more the better.

Cactus Flower Production


Connecting parts of a flower. First of all fastened together stamens and pistil, and then beautifully distribute leaflets. Very hard wire swing the upper part of the stem. Gaining the wire 70 beads pink, fasten one end of the wire at the base of the flower, we move all the beads to this end and, holding them so that they fit snugly together, pulls on a stalk.

Cactus Flower Production


Cactus assembly. Putting flowers together. Stretching the stems through the pipe. The wire with the tube gently pull down. When the flowers are in place, pull the tube completely, and at the bottom of the stems are twisted knot flowers to adhere properly to the cactus.

Assembling cactus


Installation of a cactus. Pour into the pot or saucer dissolved gypsum (in plaster pour water, stirring constantly, bringing to the consistency of sour cream). Set cactus.

Installing cactus


Decorate with stones, beads or other materials. Cactus is ready!

Installing cactus

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