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How to make cactus from beads and sequins


Cactus from beads and sequins</a>


You will need

  • - beads of white, pink and green color-
  • - wire for beading (diameter 0.3) -
  • - monofilament or thread of green color-
  • - needle for beadwork-
  • - green sequins
  • - a piece of stretchable fabric, the most dense part of kapron tights-
  • - sintepon for filling the base-
  • - a tube of small diameter, you can use the middle part of the gel pen-
  • - gypsum (alabaster) -
  • - pot for the cactus.



Making the basis of the cactus. Cut out two pieces of fabric from the fabric along the pattern with an allowance on the seam of 3mm. If you change the pattern, you can get a cactus of a different shape or other size.

Making a cactus flower


French technique of weaving is used. We dial 19 pink beads, 9 white beads on a wire of 40 cm in length. From the side of white beads make a small loop, so that the beads do not slip. On the other hand, make the loop bigger, as shown in the diagram.

Making a cactus flower


At the free end of the wire we type 16 beadsPink and 16 white (maybe you will get more or less, because the beads are not always even). The working end of the wire with beads is held up along the right side (it is possible and with the left, if it is more convenient) of the central axis. It is necessary that this series fit snugly to the central one. The working wire is wound once around the end of the wire with a small loop and dial the next row.

Making a cactus flower


We type on the working end of the beads, as shown inFigure. Just like in the previous paragraph, while holding the rows at the base, we twist the working wire around the wire-legs. Because Leaf is ready, wrapped several times.

Making a cactus flower


The end of the wire with a small loop is cut off, leaving 4-5mm. This tip is bent to the inner side of the petal. It is necessary to make 15 petals for each flower.

Making a cactus flower


Pistil is made according to the scheme.

Making a cactus flower


For the stamens, the wire can be taken 2.5 mm in diameter, the stamens of the cactus are many, the more, the better.

Making a cactus flower


We connect the details of the flower. First of all, we fasten the stamens and the pistil together, and then beautifully distribute the leaves. Very tightly wind the upper part of the stem with wire. We dial 70 beads of pink color on the wire, fix one end of the wire at the base of the flower, move all the beads to this end and, holding them so that they fit snugly together, we wind on the stem.

Making a cactus flower


Building a cactus. We connect the flowers together. Stretch the stems through the tube. Wire together with a tube gently pull down. When the flowers are in place, the tube is stretched completely, and the stems are twisted down at the bottom, so that the flowers fit tightly to the cactus.

Building a cactus


Setting a cactus. Pour in a pot or on a saucer diluted gypsum (in plaster pour water, stirring constantly, bringing to the consistency of sour cream). Install the cactus.

Cactus installation


We decorate with stones, beads or other materials. The cactus is ready!

Cactus installation

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